Sent Items Update

As signatures/disclaimers are added to sent emails directly by the CodeTwo Email Azure Service, they are not visible in the mailboxes' Sent Items folders. To let you see the signatures in the sent mail folders, we have equipped CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 with the Sent Items Update (SIU) feature that updates your sent messages with signatures after processing by the program. The Sent Items Update works as a separate service which is installed along with the CodeTwo Email Azure Service.


Sent Items Update is hosted on MS Azure servers. The service is totally independent of your mail flow and the functioning of your Office 365 tenant, which means it has no influence on your email processing and delivery time. Your emails are not stored anywhere. Moreover, Sent Items Update does not require any service accounts to operate as the entire authentication and authorization process uses OAuth 2.0.


By default, the Sent Items Update service is disabled and needs to be enabled by an admin in the CodeTwo User Panel to start updating sent emails.

The Sent Items Update works per tenant, i.e. you have to turn it on for each tenant separately.

To enable the Sent Items Update:

  1. Log in to your CodeTwo User Panel.
  2. Enter the management pages of a chosen tenant by clicking the Manage tenant (ESIG for O365 settings button2 13px) button next to the tenant's name.
  3. Go to the Sent Items Update section (Fig. 1.).


If you do not see the Sent Items Update section, contact CodeTwo Support.

  1. Click Turn on.
Enabling SIU in the User Panel.
Fig. 1. Enabling SIU in the User Panel.
  1. Log in using your Office 365 tenant global admin credentials.
  2. Accept the permissions required for the CodeTwo SIU installer.
  3. The Sent Items Update should start working within a few minutes.


Be aware that the updating process starts after an email is passed to EOP, so it may take from a few to over a dozen seconds before a user sees an updated message in the Sent Items folder.

Also note that the SIU service only updates messages in the original Sent Items folder. If a user has any OWA/Outlook rules enabled that instantly move messages from the Sent Items folder somewhere else (including the subfolders of the Sent Items folder), the SIU service will not be able to find and process them. If possible, execute such rules manually or with a delay, to allow some time for the SIU service to update your sent emails.


If any of your users has delegate (Send As or Send on Behalf) rights to send emails, please note that the Sent Items Update feature works only with messages sent via the Send on behalf permission (click here for more information). This is because the software always looks for messages to update in the Sent Items folder of a person who appears to be the sender.

When Sending As, User A sends an email but it appears to be sent by User B. However, User B does not have this message in their mailbox. Therefore, the SIU service will not find it and will not update it.

In the case of Send on Behalf, a message is sent by User A on behalf of User B. The software still recognizes it properly as sent by User A and will update the mailbox of User A, as expected.


If you already enabled the Sent Items Update service and the messages are not updated, follow the steps below:

  • First, check with the recipient if the sender's emails are stamped with signatures at all, to rule out improper signature rules or connectors' configuration as a source of the problem. Also, check the service status.
  • Second, log in to OWA to access your Sent Items folder directly on the server. If you see that messages are updated in the Sent Items folder in OWA, this means the service is working properly and the problem lies in your email client.

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