Integrations with third-party solutions

Apart from providing you with powerful signature management capabilities, CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 offers a number of integrations with third party solutions which can further enhance the usefulness of your email signatures. What’s important, you can use them regardless of the signature mode you choose. To learn more about available integrations, continue to an appropriate section below.

Web analytics tools

Web analytics tools let you measure the performance of your website. Using them with your email signatures, you can track email traffic to your website, e.g. when a recipient of your campaign clicks a link or a marketing banner in your message (learn more). To see detailed instructions on setting up a web analytic tool integration, click a link below:

Meeting scheduling & direct meetings

Thanks to the available integrations with third-party meeting solutions, an email signature can provide your recipients with an easy and convenient way to schedule a meeting or connect to you via instant messaging. To access detailed instructions on setting up a particular solution with CodeTwo Email Signatures 365, click a link below:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are an easy way to handle all customer interactions your organization is involved in, but often offer little in terms of email communications branding, maintaining email signature consistency, etc.

Fortunately, if you use CodeTwo Email Signatures 365, you can easily integrate it with various CRM systems and enjoy the best of both worlds. Use the links below for integration details:

Third-party one-click surveys

With a one-click survey added to your email signature, you can quickly and easily get feedback from your customers and measure their satisfaction.

We recommend using CodeTwo One-click surveys for this purpose – it is a feature available at no additional cost in CodeTwo Email Signatures 365.

If you are already using a one-click survey service from one of the third-party providers listed below, click the appropriate link to learn how to integrate their survey with your email signatures:

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