Monitoring and diagnostics

This article describes how to monitor CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 services and diagnose problems with registered tenants.

Checking the status of CodeTwo services

There are two ways to monitor the health of CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 services:

  • Sign in to CodeTwo Admin Panel and go to the Service status page. There you can check the current status of CodeTwo services in the Azure region you selected when registering your tenant to CodeTwo (Fig. 1.). For more information, click the status displayed next to your region and you will be redirected to CodeTwo status page (read on to learn more about this website).

The Service status page in CodeTwo Admin Panel.
Fig. 1. The Service status page in CodeTwo Admin Panel.

  • You can also check the current service health directly on our status page (Fig. 2.). Click on your Azure region to see how individual services are doing. Our status page can be viewed on any machine with internet access, including mobile devices. It refreshes automatically, so the information provided is always up to date.

The CodeTwo status page.
Fig. 2. The CodeTwo status page.

Subscribing to service status notifications

You can subscribe to automatic email, text and RSS notifications about the health status of the CodeTwo services that you use. Read on to learn more about the available options.

Subscribing via CodeTwo Admin Panel

By default, email notifications concerning any issues with CodeTwo services are sent to the email address that you provided when creating your CodeTwo Admin Panel account (that is, the sign-in email address) and to email addresses of Admin Panel admins (learn more about CodeTwo Admin Panel admin roles).

You can change the email address that gets service status notifications and add more addresses via the Service status page (see Fig. 1.). To do this, click Add email in the Service status notifications section, enter an email address in the pop-up window and click SAVE (Fig. 3.). Apart from the email addresses, you can also add phone numbers to receive text notifications (click Add phone instead and proceed as instructed).

Subscribing to service status notifications in CodeTwo Admin Panel.
Fig. 3. Subscribing to service status notifications in CodeTwo Admin Panel.

Apart from these notifications, you can also subscribe to an RSS feed by clicking the RSS ESIG for O365 RSS icon 2 link on the Service status page (see Fig. 1.).


Phone numbers and contact email addresses are defined globally, which means that if you have several tenants registered in more than one Azure region, you will receive email / text message alerts concerning each of your regions. You can personalize your email notifications for specific regions or services on our status page. Learn more

Subscribing via the CodeTwo status page

You can also subscribe to our email service status notifications directly on our status page (Fig. 4.). Subscribing via the status page allows you to get more specific email notifications: you can choose individual program components and regions. Apart from email and RSS notifications, you can also get an Atom feed from there. Note that SMS (text) notifications can be configured in CodeTwo Admin Panel only, as explained earlier.

Subscribing to service health notifications on the CodeTwo status page.
Fig. 4. Subscribing to service health notifications on the CodeTwo status page.

Personalize your existing email notifications

If you already added an email address for health status notifications in CodeTwo Admin Panel (as explained here), and you type the same email address on the status page and click SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL (see Fig. 4.), you are able to manage your email subscription (Fig. 5.). For example, you can limit the notifications sent to this address to specific regions or program components, or you can cancel your subscription.

Email subscription editing is possible via the status page.
Fig. 5. Email subscription editing is possible via the status page.

Notifications in CodeTwo Admin Panel

If there are any issues with your Microsoft 365 tenant(s) registered to CodeTwo (e.g. a tenant's subscription has expired) or with payment methods, a red dot will appear in the top bar of CodeTwo Admin Panel, next to the Notifications (Esig - Notifications icon) icon, (as shown in Fig. 6.). The number on the dot indicates the number of new and critical notifications.

Click the Esig - Notifications icon icon to open the Notifications pane, where you will find more information about the issues and how to address them.  

Opening the Notifications pane in CodeTwo Admin Panel.
Fig. 6. Opening the Notifications pane in CodeTwo Admin Panel.

If any of your tenants requires attention or additional setup, you will also see the relevant information on the Tenants page in CodeTwo Admin Panel (Fig. 7.). Use the provided links to resolve the issues.

Notifications concerning a tenant that require your attention.
Fig. 7. Notifications concerning a tenant that require your attention.

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