Monitoring and diagnostics

This article describes how to monitor CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. Use the links below to find out more.

The status of CodeTwo services

The software allows you to monitor the health of CodeTwo cloud services directly in CodeTwo Admin Panel: open the Dashboard and check the Service status card (Fig. 1.).

ESIG for O365 Dashboard Service status
Fig. 1. The Service status card.

This card displays status information for all of your geolocations. To view details, click on the card name or use the top menu bar to go to the Service status tab (Fig. 2.). If you want to see the full status history, click the RSS (ESIG for O365 RSS icon 2) icon.

The Service status tab.
Fig. 2. The Service status tab.


Currently, the software does not provide user-side access to log files or any other diagnostics. If you encounter any problems, you can contact CodeTwo Support. Before you do that, we recommend that you check our Knowledge Base articles - they cover the most common issues and provide solutions.

Monitoring Office 365 tenants registered to CodeTwo Admin Panel

If there are any issues with your Office 365 tenant(s) registered to the Admin Panel (e.g. a tenant's subscription has expired), the Dashboard will display the following warning (Fig. 3.):

Some of your tenants require attention. Learn more.

ESIG for O365 Dashboard tenant requires attention
Fig. 3. The notification displayed if any tenants require attention.
Here, the CodeTwo tenant's subscription has expired.

Click the Learn more link in the warning, and you will be redirected to the Tenants tab, where all tenants that need your attention will be displayed.


Click the status on your tenant's card (Fig. 4.) to see details and learn how to solve any issues with this tenant.

ESIG for O365 status Expired
Fig. 4. A tenant status that requires your attention. Click it to view details and solutions.

Email notifications and SMS alerts

By default, we use your CodeTwo Admin Panel login email address to send you notifications concerning your subscription or issues with the CodeTwo services that you use.


If you want to change your contact email address, see this Knowledge Base article.

The program can also send you SMS alerts about important service issues. To add your phone number(s), click the edit (ESIG for O365 SMS alerts edit) button on the SMS text alerts card (see Fig. 3.).


Phone numbers and contact email addresses are defined globally, i.e. if you have several tenants registered in more than one geolocation, you will receive email/SMS alerts concerning each of your geolocations.

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