Admin Panel overview

When you sign in to CodeTwo Admin Panel, the Tenants page opens (Fig. 1.). If there are no Microsoft 365 tenants listed there, go to this article to learn how to register your tenant with CodeTwo.

Only CodeTwo Admin Panel admins and Microsoft 365 global admins have access to CodeTwo Admin Panel. Learn more

CodeTwo Admin Panel.
Fig. 1. CodeTwo Admin Panel.

Use the left menu to navigate between different CodeTwo Admin Panel pages and settings:

  • Tenants – this is where you add a new Microsoft 365 tenant, view the information about your registered tenant(s), and configure tenant settings. Learn more
  • Signatures – this opens the signature management app (, where you create and manage your email signatures and automatic replies. Learn more
  • Billing – here you can add and manage your credit card details for subscription payments as well as change your contact information and your organization's billing information. Learn more
  • Service status – this page displays health information of CodeTwo services located in Azure regions you selected when registering your tenant(s) to CodeTwo. It also allows you to specify phone numbers and email addresses that will receive notifications in case of any issues with our services. Learn more
  • Account & admins – this is where you can view and manage the settings of the currently signed-in account (contact details & account type) as well as allow other users to manage your organization's tenants and subscriptions in CodeTwo Admin Panel. Learn more

In the top bar of CodeTwo Admin Panel you will also find: 

  • Apps menu (Apps menu icon)  use this menu to quickly find and launch all apps included in CodeTwo Email Signatures 365. Learn more
  • Notifications (Esig - Notifications icon) – this button opens the Notifications pane, which displays important information or problems related to your tenants registered to CodeTwo. Learn more
  • What’s new? () – this is where we publish release notes for new features, improvements and fixes, or provide other important news regarding CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 to keep you up to date. New, unread entries are identified by a red dot.
  • User photo/icon () – this opens a drop-down menu with shortcuts to your contact information, CodeTwo's contact page, our Terms & Privacy Policy and cookie settings. From here, you can also sign out of CodeTwo Admin Panel.

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