Tenant management

CodeTwo Admin Panel offers various configuration options for registered Office 365 tenants. To access tenant-related settings, open the Dashboard or Tenants tab, find the card with your tenant (Fig. 1.) and click the Manage tenant (ESIG for O365 settings button2 13px) button next to the tenant's name.

The Tenants card.
Fig. 1. The Tenants card.

This will lead you to the Manage tenant pages. The Subscription page opens by default (Fig. 2.).

ESIG for O365 manage tenant pages
Fig. 2. Tenant management in CodeTwo Admin Panel.

Use the menu on the left (Fig. 2.) to access individual management pages:

  • Subscription - this page allows you to edit your subscription, check the status of your licences, etc. For more information, visit the Licensing section.
  • Manage signatures - on this page you can launch the Manage Signatures App, which helps you create email signature rules. Learn more about signature management in this section or read our Quick guide to see how to add signature rules step by step.
  • SPF record - this page explains how to update the SPF record of your tenant. Learn more
  • Exchange Online connectors - here you can configure Exchange Online connectors, which is required by the program to add signatures to your emails. You can configure them automatically or manually.
  • Signatures preview add-in - on this page you will find basic information on how to preview signatures while composing emails in Outlook and OWA. Learn more
  • Sent Items Update - this page allows you to configure the Sent Items Update (SIU) feature. See this section for details.
  • User AD attributes & Tokens - learn how to add your own AD attributes to email signatures. More information
  • Deregister - If you want to cease using CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365, this is where you can deregister a tenant. The whole procedure is described in this section.


Even if you do not have access (i.e. login credentials) to CodeTwo Admin Panel, you can still change most of the settings listed above. As long as you are a global admin of an Office 365 tenant, you can launch the tenant management pages directly from the Manage Signatures App, via the Settings (ESIG for O365 settings button 14px) button in the upper-right corner of the application's window. A simplified version of the Admin Panel (without the top menu) will open in your default browser (see Fig. 3.). Use the left menu to access various configuration pages, as described earlier in this article. Most of the tenant management options are available: you can change connectors, enable/disable SIU, synchronize custom attributes or register your tenant to another CodeTwo Admin Panel account. The only exception is the Subscription page: to manage your subscription (e.g. buy it, as in Fig. 3.), you will have to log in using your CodeTwo Admin Panel account credentials.

Fig. 3. The manage tenant pages launched directly from the Manage Signatures App.

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