Integration with Simplesat

Simplesat is a customer satisfaction measurement tool which lets you create one-click CSAT surveys. You can easily insert those surveys into your centrally managed email signatures by integrating Simplesat with CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. Adding one-click feedback buttons offered by Simplesat allows you to:

  • Measure customer satisfaction easily.
  • Provide your customers with a quick method to rate their experience.
  • See advanced reports on how each of your team members is rated.
  • Gain another channel for collecting product reviews and feature requests.
  • Gather positive feedback to showcase in your marketing materials and negative feedback to react to immediately.

This article is divided into three sections:

Create a Simplesat survey

 To create your one-click survey in Simplesat:

  1. Go to the Simplesat surveys dashboard and click New survey (Fig. 1.).

Simplesat integration - create new survey
Fig. 1. Creating new survey in Simplesat.

  1. In the pop-up window, select CSAT (Fig. 2.).

Simplesat integration - survey type
Fig. 2. Choosing the customer satisfaction survey type.

  1. The Satisfaction Survey window will open. Enter the question to use in your survey, pick an icon set, enter button captions and add follow-up questions which will let you collect detailed feedback (Fig. 3.).

Simplesat integration - build survey
Fig. 3. Building the CSAT survey.

  1. When you finish configuring the survey’s details, click Save and go to the Configure tab.
  2. In the Configure tab, select the information that will appear on the page which opens after the recipient clicks one of the rating buttons. You can set up different landing pages for different buttons. You can also select a Call to action button to encourage recipients to leave a review on one of the various review portals (Fig. 4.).

Simplesat integration - build confirmation
Fig. 4. Configuring landing pages for specific rating buttons.

  1. Click Save and go to the Publish tab.
  2. Click Integrate with another tool and pick Generic Embed in the pop-up window (Fig. 5.) to start generating the survey HTML code.

Simplesat integration - publish survey
Fig. 5. Selecting the Generic Embed integration option.

  1. Scroll down to Rating placeholders. Fill the available fields in the Team member section with CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 placeholders, not actual user information e.g. use the {E-mail} placeholder in the Email address field, and {First name} and {Last name} placeholders for the corresponding fields (Fig. 6., item 1). By using placeholders in the email signature template, you will be able to use it for all your senders. Additionally, each rating will be assigned to a specific sender.

Simplesat integration - add placeholders
Fig. 6. Inserting Rating placeholders.

  1. Add the {Recipient address} placeholder in the Customer details section in the Email address field (Fig. 6., item 2). This will let you identify which customer gave you the specific rating. It will make it easier for your team to contact that user if required e.g. to resolve an issue.
  2. Once you add the placeholders, scroll back up and click the Generate embed code button (Fig. 7.).

Simplesat integration - generate embed code
Fig. 7. Generating the survey’s embed code.

  1. Copy the HTML code, using the Copy survey button it (Fig. 8.) and save the copied code (e.g. in Notepad).

Simplesat integration - copy HTML code
Fig. 8. HTML code of the one-click CSAT survey.

Add the survey into your email signature template

The next step is to add the customer satisfaction survey to your company emails. The example below demonstrates how to add a customer satisfaction survey to each email sent by any member of the Customer Service team:

  1. Launch the Manage Signatures App, create a new rule, and enter its name in the Overview tab (Fig. 9.).

Simplesat integration - new signature rule
Fig. 9. Creating a new email signature rule.

  1. In the Senders tab (Fig. 10.), click Add > Group members (inside organization). Choose a group whose members should have this email signature added to their emails in the Select a group window.

Simplesat integration - modify senders
Fig. 10. Choosing which senders will receive the email signature with the CSAT survey.

  1. In the Recipients tab (Fig. 11.), choose Add > External recipients. It is a good practice to add CSAT surveys to emails sent to external recipients only.

Simplesat integration - select recipients
Fig. 11. Only emails sent to external recipients will get an email signature with the survey.

  1. Go to the Design tab and click the Edit signature button to open the Signature template editor (Fig. 12.). You can pick one of the signature templates or create your own signature from scratch.

Simplesat integration - design tab
Fig. 12. Accessing the Signature template editor.

  1. When you have opened or created your signature template, click where you would like to place the customer satisfaction survey. Then, click Insert HTML snippet button (Fig. 13.).

Simplesat integration - insert HTML Snippet
Fig. 13. Opening the Insert HTML snippet window.

  1. Paste the code you generated in Simplesat and click Insert (Fig. 14.).

Simplesat integration - insert HTML Snippet
Fig. 14. Inserting the CSAT survey into the signature template.

  1. When the CSAT survey is added to your signature template, adjust its appearance to fit the rest of the template. When you finish making the adjustments, click the Preview button to see how the signature will look when added to an email (Fig. 15.).

Simplesat integration - signature preview
Fig. 15. Email preview in the Signature template editor.

  1. When you finish editing the signature template, click Apply & close to save it and close the Signature template editor.
  2. In the Manage Signatures App, click ESIG for O365 rule save to save and submit changes to your signature rules.

If you want to learn more about managing signatures in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365, see this article.

Access and analyze customer satisfaction reports

After you have created and deployed the one-click CSAT survey in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365, new reviews should start flowing in. To learn more about your customers’ experience, view the reports available in the Simplesat panel. Simplesat offers a variety of reports for each survey you create. To access the reports, go to and choose the customer satisfaction survey you used in your email signatures.

Below (Fig. 16.), you can see a few of the available reports. The kind of data available in reports depends on the placeholders you have defined while creating the survey. Since only the sender’s email placeholder was used in this example, each review is assigned to an employee’s email address.

Simplesat integration - Satisfaction reports
Fig. 16. CSAT survey reports in Simplesat.

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