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First time using CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365? Here are some useful links that will help you deploy the program and use it with your Microsoft 365 (Office 365) tenant:

System requirements and licensing information

Deployment steps and software configuration

Use the links below to learn about all the deployment steps:

  1. Creating a CodeTwo Admin Panel account – learn how to create an account used to manage tenants, emails signatures, subscriptions, etc. for your organization.
  2. (Optional) Grant access to the CodeTwo Admin Panel to other admins – find out how to invite users to become Admin Panel admins and let them manage tenants and subscriptions in your organization. 
  3. Registering and configuring a Microsoft 365 tenant – find out how to add your tenant to the CodeTwo Admin Panel.
  4. Configuring SPF records (server-side or combo mode only) – to avoid emails being treated as spam, you need to update your SPF records at your domain registrar.
  5. Configuring Exchange Online connectors (server-side or combo mode only) – learn how to automatically or manually configure your connectors and specify users whose emails will be processed by CodeTwo.
  6. Deploying a signatures add-in (client-side or combo mode only). You can only use either of the two add-ins:
  7. (Optional) Installing the signature preview add-in globally or individually (server-side or combo mode only) – learn how to install our Outlook Web Add-in that allows you to preview signatures as you compose emails in Outlook and OWA.

If you would like to remove the software, visit this article.

If your organization uses additional mail relay services (smart hosts), see these guidelines to learn about the recommended configuration.

Signature and tenant management

  • Signature modes – learn about the three working modes of our software which govern the processing of emails.
  • Admin roles – find out more about all admin roles and permissions in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.
  • Delegating access to signature rules – specify users who can configure email signatures in your organization.
  • Creating signature rules – find out how to set up email signature adding rules, design signature templates, and more.
  • Sent Items Update – learn how to configure the software to see signatures in your Sent Items folder (server-side or combo mode only).

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