CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook

CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook adds client-side email signatures directly to your Outlook. You can get these signatures automatically as you type your email (Fig. 1.) or you can choose signatures manually from the Outlook ribbon.

ESIG 365 Signatures Add-in for Outlook example v3
Fig. 1. CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook automatically adds your default signature as you type. You can also preview the other available signatures via the add-in pane.

Installation and configuration

The add in can be installed centrally by the admin (see instructions) or manually by individual users (as described here).

The add-in only works for client-side signatures, so CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 needs to work in client-side or combo mode in your organization (learn more about signature modes) and you need to create and configure at least one client-side signature rule (see our quick guide on that).

How to use the add-in

CodeTwo signatures are available just like any other Outlook signatures. If they are set as default by your organization's admin, they are added automatically when you compose a new message or when you forward/reply to an email (see Fig. 1.). You can also add them from your Outlook ribbon - in compose mode, go to the Message tab, click Signature on the ribbon (Fig. 2.) and choose any signature that is available to you (if a signature is already added to your message, it will be replaced with the one you selected).

ESIG 365 Signatures Add-in for Outlook ribbon v3
Fig. 2. You can use Outlook's ribbon to add/change a signature.

Click the add-in button on the Outlook ribbon (see Fig. 1.) to show/hide the add-in pane. Note that the button might not be visible if you open a message in a new window. You can use the add-in pane to:

  • quickly preview the signatures that are available to you
  • force signature refresh (note that signatures are automatically synchronized every couple of minutes)
  • sign in or sign out of your user account.

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