Creating a CodeTwo Admin Panel account

CodeTwo Admin Panel is where you can add and configure your organization's Microsoft 365 (Office 365) tenant(s) and perform administrative tasks: manage the tenant's subscription and payment-related settings, grant access to the Admin Panel account to other admins, assign users to manage email signatures, and more. 

Signature management is done via a separate component and does not require access to CodeTwo Admin Panel. Before you start working with email signatures, however, you first need to configure the Admin Panel account for your organization and register your tenant, as explained in this article and the ones that follow.

Watch our tutorial below to see how to create an Admin Panel account step by step, or read the instructions below.

To access the Admin Panel, either create a new account or log in using an existing account (Fig. 1.).

The CodeTwo Admin Panel's login page.
Fig. 1. The CodeTwo Admin Panel's login page.

When creating a new account to log in with, you can use an existing Microsoft account or any other email address (Fig. 2.).

The CodeTwo Admin Panel's account creation page.
Fig. 2. The CodeTwo Admin Panel's account creation page.

Which account type should I choose?

If you have a work or school Microsoft account, you can use it to create a CodeTwo Admin Panel account with no further configuration. You only need to sign in via the Microsoft's sign-in page to start using the Admin Panel (when creating an account, you also need to accept our terms and privacy policy). Since the Admin Panel is now associated with your Microsoft account, your contact details are automatically pulled from that account as well (see this article to learn how to change them). With this account type, you are not able to change your login and password from the Admin Panel because the Microsoft account login type uses Azure's OAuth 2.0 authorization: your credentials are passed directly and only to Microsoft servers. CodeTwo does not store, copy or have access to your credentials.

If you decide to create a dedicated CodeTwo Admin Panel account (the Email and password login type), you need to fill in a sign up (registration) form, as shown in Fig. 3. You do not need to fill the Contact email address field with the credentials of your Microsoft 365 tenant's admin. It can be any valid email address you would like to use to log in to CodeTwo Admin Panel. The Microsoft 365 admin credentials will be required later on, when adding a tenant. After you click the Create account button, we will send you an email with an activation link to complete the registration.

You can change your login type from Email and password to Microsoft account (but not the other way around) at any time on the account management pages in the Admin Panel. Learn more

Important: A user who creates a new Admin Panel account for their organization automatically becomes the Admin Panel owner of that account. Admin Panel owners can invite other users to join their organization's Admin Panel account as admins (see this article to learn how to do so), allowing them to perform management tasks on tenants and subscriptions. However, you cannot invite other admins when using the Email and password login type. Learn more about admin roles in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

The registration form.
Fig. 3. The registration form.

Once you select an account and log in to the Admin Panel, you will land on the Dashboard tab (Fig. 4.). From here, you can supervise various sections of the Admin Panel and quickly access different management options. See this article for a quick overview of the CodeTwo Admin Panel.

The Dashboard screen.
Fig. 4. The Dashboard screen.

To continue configuring the software in Microsoft 365, you need to register your tenant in the Admin Panel.

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