Admin roles & email notifications in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

There are three admin roles in CodeTwo Email Signatures 365:

  • Owner in CodeTwo Admin Panel can manage organization’s billing information, admins, tenants and subscriptions. A user that first creates a CodeTwo Admin Panel account for an organization automatically becomes the owner of that account. An organization can only have one owner in the CodeTwo Admin Panel, but the owner can transfer ownership to another admin (learn how to do so). An owner can use either Microsoft account or Email and password to sign in to CodeTwo Admin Panel; however, using the former is required to manage Admin Panel admins. Learn more about account types in CodeTwo Admin Panel
  • Admins in CodeTwo Admin Panel can manage organization’s tenants, subscriptions and signature rule admins. An admin needs to use the Microsoft account sign-in type when signing in to the CodeTwo Admin Panel. An organization can have multiple admins in the CodeTwo Admin Panel, and these admins are managed by the owner (learn how to invite admins). Admin Panel admins need to use the Microsoft account to sign in to CodeTwo Admin Panel.
  • Signature rule admins can access the signature management app to create organization-wide signature and autoresponder rules, as well as design templates to use with them. Learn how to manage signature rule admins

In addition, all Microsoft 365 global admins can manage tenant settings, email signatures and signature rule admins. They don't need to have an Admin Panel account or be assigned any of the CodeTwo Admin Panel roles. Read on for details.

Admin permissions in detail: CodeTwo admins and Microsoft 365 global admins

The table below lists all roles and permissions in CodeTwo Email Signatures 365.


The table doesn't include settings that are accessed and configured outside the CodeTwo service (such as setting up the domain's SPF record or deploying an Outlook add-in).

Certain features or actions listed below require providing your Microsoft 365 global admin credentials. Our service uses OAuth 2.0 protocol for user authorization, which means your credentials are passed directly and only to Microsoft servers. CodeTwo does not store, copy or have access to your credentials.

  CodeTwo Microsoft 365
 global admin
Owner Admin Signature rule admin
Access CodeTwo Admin Panel limited1)
Design & manage email signatures 2) 2) 2)
Design & manage auto replies and OOF messages 2) 2) 2)
Register/deregister tenant 3) 3)
Configure/remove Exchange Online connectors 3) 3)
Change signature mode 4) 4)
Update Azure AD cache
Refresh OAuth 2.0 tokens 3) 3)
Enable/disable Sent Items Update 3) 3)
Sync additional attributes 3) 3)
Reset license count
Manage subscriptions (buy, add licenses, cancel) 5) 5)
Add/remove own payment methods 
Change own account options and contact info
View & manage organization's billing info
Manage CodeTwo Admin Panel admins
Manage signature rule admins
Transfer Admin Panel owner rights to another admin

1) Microsoft 365 global admins without a CodeTwo account can access the CodeTwo Admin Panel directly from the signature management app but they only have access to tenant-related options. Learn more

2) The signature management app can be accessed by tenant's Microsoft 365 global admins and signature rule admins. Signature rule admins can manage signatures and automatic replies only for the tenant with which their Microsoft account is associated. Note that accessing the signature management app is not possible for guest users added to your Microsoft 365 tenant. Learn how to add signature rule admins

3) Requires Microsoft 365 global admin credentials.

4) Requires Microsoft 365 global admin credentials when changing the signature mode to server-side or combo, e.g. to configure Exchange Online connectors.

5) Admins and the owner have access to their own payment methods only. To manage a subscription purchased by other users, they need to add their own payment method first.

Who gets email notifications about CodeTwo services

There are three types of email notifications sent from CodeTwo Email Signatures 365:

  • Billing information (invoices) are sent to the Contact email address of the Admin Panel owner, specified on the Contact info page (learn more).
  • Notifications regarding an Admin Panel account (e.g. email address confirmation or password change) are sent to the email address used to sign in to the CodeTwo Admin Panel. This means the owner and all admins will get notification regarding changes made to their Admin Panel accounts.
  • Notifications regarding tenants or about CodeTwo service health are sent to the Contact email address and the sign-in email address of the Admin Panel owner and all admins. They are also sent to the email address of a Microsoft 365 global admin if their credentials were used to register a tenant to the CodeTwo service.

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