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CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

Signatures added directly in Outlook & OWA when you compose an email

When CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 works in client-side mode, users get automatic and personalized signatures directly in Outlook while composing their messages. To achieve that, CodeTwo teamed up with Microsoft to create the world’s first modern Signatures Web Add-in that integrates seamlessly with Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac and Outlook on the web (OWA).

Unlike in server-side mode, in client-side mode emails are not routed through CodeTwo services to get signatures.

How does this client-side mode work? It's pretty straightforward:

  • create a new client-side signature rule in the program,
  • select a signature template (or compose your own) in the rule,
  • define the scope of users (senders) who will have access to that template,
  • deploy the modern CodeTwo Signatures Web Add-in for Outlook to the selected users from the Microsoft 365 admin center.

And that’s it. When these users launch Outlook or OWA and start typing an email, the Web Add-in automatically adds a signature with their names and contact information already filled in. No need to sign in to the Web Add-in or use different add-ins for the desktop and web versions of Outlook.

Key capabilities of client-side signature mode:

  • CodeTwo email signatures can be automatically applied to new messages and replies/forwards.
  • Email signatures can be selected by users while typing an email.
  • Signatures can be added to encrypted and digitally signed (S/MIME) messages.
  • Support for messages sent as / on behalf of shared mailboxes and Office 365 groups. 
  • Any changes made to signature templates in CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 are immediately synchronized with the signatures available in Outlook.
  • Users always see their Office 365 email signatures.

Client-side signatures work with Outlook, so if you want to deploy automatic email signatures for Office 365 email sent from any other email client and mobile device, you may consider switching to combo signature mode. Combo mode integrates the key functionalities of both server-side and client-side modes and it works great in a scenario where you want to have complete control of email signatures in your Office 365 organization but, at the same time, let managers or members of a specific team to choose their signatures as they see fit.

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