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How does the program work?

CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 is a cloud-based solution developed to help administrators centrally manage email signatures and disclaimers in Microsoft 365 (Office 365). The software offers an all-web experience, meaning that you can create and manage signature templates as well as signature rules that specify which users or user groups get access to individual signature templates from anywhere and on any device or platform (including Windows, Mac, mobile phones, tablets, and so on).

Signature modes

Signature modes control how signatures are added in your organization. The CodeTwo service can operate in the following modes: cloud (server-side), Outlook (client-side), or combo. Signature mode is first selected when you register your Microsoft 365 tenant to our service but can be later changed at any time.

Cloud (server-side) mode

Works with all email clients. A signature is added after an email is sent (but you can deploy the CodeTwo Outlook Web Add-in to preview a signature as you type an email in Outlook for Windows, Mac and Outlook on the web). Requires setup of Microsoft 365 connectors. Does not require deployment of the add-in.

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Outlook (client-side) mode

Works with Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, OWA and Outlook for iOS & Android. A signature is added as you type an email. Does not require setup of Microsoft 365 connectors (your emails do not go through the CodeTwo service). Requires deployment of the CodeTwo Outlook Web Add-in.

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Combo mode

Works with all email clients. It's a combination of cloud and Outlook modes. A signature is added as you type an email in Outlook. If you use other email clients, a signature is added after an email is sent. Requires setup of Microsoft 365 connectors and deployment of the CodeTwo Web Add-in.

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See more details in the user’s manual

18 datacenters in 9 regions

The CodeTwo services responsible for adding signatures to your emails are hosted in 18 datacenters across 9 worldwide Azure regions. As the application lets you select a preferred region, it helps you stay compliant with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and similar legal regulations. The following Azure regions are available: West US, North Central US, Canada East, North Europe, UK South, Germany West Central, West Europe, Australia East and UAE North (see location details). Each datacenter and region is constantly monitored by our team. You can view the status of our services at

Hybrid environments

CodeTwo email signature management products support Microsoft 365 hybrid environments. The choice whether to use CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 or one of our desktop applications depends on your hybrid environment configuration. If you’re not sure which product to choose, please contact us.

Other environments

Still not sure which CodeTwo software is best for you? Check out our solutions for Microsoft 365 and on-premises Exchange and see how they compare with native Exchange capabilities.

18 datacenters to help you stay GDPR-compliant