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CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365


The license for the product is sold as a monthly or yearly subscription. The cost of the subscription depends on the subscription plan (with the yearly subscription, you can save around 10% a year) and the number of licenses you want. The license is assigned to each user (or shared mailbox) whose emails are routed through the CodeTwo service (cloud signatures) or who uses a CodeTwo Outlook add-in (Outlook signatures).

All prices shown on the website are net of Value Added Tax and any other taxes or duties.

Use the pricing calculator above to find out the cost of your subscription.

Pricing details & information

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  • Payments for your subscription are automatically charged at the beginning of every billing cycle to the credit card assigned to the subscription. If you choose a monthly subscription plan, your billing cycle will be one month. If you choose a yearly subscription plan, your billing cycle will be one year. Yearly subscription plan costs less in the long run and enables you to claim our Microsoft 365 (Office 365) email backup solution for free for a year. Learn more about this special offer.

  • The subscription for the program can be purchased in CodeTwo Admin Panel. To do this, sign in to CodeTwo Admin Panel, go to the Tenants page and click a tenant for which you want to buy a subscription. The settings pane will pop up. Go to Subscription and click Buy subscription, as shown below. A wizard will guide you through the entire process. To pay for the subscription, you will be asked to define a payment method first. Any user with the Owner or Admin Panel admin access to CodeTwo Admin Panel can purchase the subscription.

    Learn more about purchasing the subscription in the user’s manual

    How to buy CodeTwo Email Signatures 365

  • The trial period is 14 days. If you need more time for testing, you can extend the trial period yourself from the CodeTwo Admin Panel and test the program for up to 21 days in total.

    The trial version is fully functional but limited to 1000 mailboxes. If you would like to test the program with more than 1000 mailboxes, please contact us. The trial version comes with full technical support as well.

    Learn more about the trial version of CodeTwo Email Signatures 365

  • CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 comes with a free 1-year subscription for our Microsoft 365 backup tool! Thanks to this offer, you can build your branding with professional email signatures and secure your Microsoft 365 mailboxes, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business data by creating reliable backups at the same time.

    Note: This offer is available only for new customers who choose a yearly subscription plan of CodeTwo Email Signatures 365. If you have an existing subscription, renewing it or adding new licenses does not entitle you to the free Office 365 backup offer.

    After you place an order for a yearly subscription of CodeTwo Email Signatures 365, we will send you an email with instructions on how to claim the free subscription for CodeTwo Backup for Office 365. Mind that you need to claim your free CodeTwo Backup license within five days after purchasing CodeTwo Email Signatures 365.

    The number of licenses you can use with your free backup subscription depends on the number of users specified in your CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 subscription. If you buy a yearly subscription of CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 for 100 users, you can claim 100 licenses of CodeTwo Backup for Office 365. In CodeTwo Backup, one user consumes one license, no matter if you back up their mailbox, public folders or SharePoint/OneDrive for Business data. There is no license limit (other than the number of purchased licenses for CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 users) for the free backup offer. If the licenses for CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 cover all of your users, this means that you will be able to back up all of their resources (with no size limitations) as well.

    After the free CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 period ends, you can renew the license at its standard price (contact our Customer Success team to ask if you're eligible for a special discount) or stop using the backup software (you won't be able to do new backups but you'll still be able to restore the backed up data). No strings attached.

    Learn more about CodeTwo Backup for Office 365.

  • CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 assigns licenses to each user and shared mailbox whose emails are routed through the CodeTwo cloud service (cloud/server-side mode) as well as to each user who uses a CodeTwo Outlook add-in (Outlook/client-side mode). In combo mode, which is a combination of cloud and Outlook modes, licenses are assigned in both ways. No matter which signature mode you use, one user can consume one license only. Find out more about the licensing of CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 in the user’s manual

    If the program operates in cloud mode, licenses are assigned to users whose emails go through our service even if no rules are set to add signatures to their emails. If you want to limit the number of users who will get cloud signatures, you can limit the scope of senders to a specific distribution group (or groups) only. If you use the Outlook signature mode, you can deploy a CodeTwo Outlook add-in for selected users only. For more details on how to manage the scope of users who will benefit from the CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 features, see this section of the user’s manual.

    Mail-enabled public folders, and mail-enabled distribution groups do not consume licenses. That is because emails sent from those sources are not supported by the signature-adding mechanism.

  • CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 comes with the Autoresponder feature that lets you create and centrally manage automatic replies and out of office messages in Microsoft 365. If you buy a subscription with 200 licenses, you get 200 signature licenses and 200 autoresponder licenses.

    Autoresponder licenses are counted separately from signature licenses. E.g. if you have 200 licenses, you can use all of them for the same group of users (the same 200 users get signatures and the same users also get auto replies) or you can assign them to different users (200 users get signatures and other 200 get auto replies), which means even 400 users can benefit from the 200-license pool you have.

    Autoresponder licenses are consumed based on rules settings. If you create an autoresponder rule for x users in your organization, x licenses will be instantly consumed when you save the rule. Note that you can reset the license count, e.g. if you have licensed some users incorrectly (see how).

    Learn more about Autoresponder licensing in the user’s manual

  • The number of licenses can be changed in the Admin Panel at any time during your subscription.

    If you increase the number of licenses:

    • new licenses will be immediately added to your subscription,
    • your credit card will be immediately charged, but only to cover the price of the newly added licenses that will be used in the current (ongoing) billing cycle,
    • a new invoice will be immediately issued and sent to you, and
    • the total subscription price will be changed accordingly at the beginning of the next billing cycle and an invoice will be issued and sent to you.

    If you decrease the number of licenses:

    • the number of licenses will not be immediately decreased – the original number of licenses will be available until the end of the current (ongoing) billing cycle, and
    • the total subscription price will be changed accordingly at the beginning of the next billing cycle and an invoice will be issued and sent to you.

    Learn more about changing the number of licenses in the user’s manual

  • A subscription for CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 renews automatically when your current billing cycle ends.

  • A subscription for CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 can be canceled at any time via the Admin Panel (no prior notice is necessary). Canceling the subscription means the subscription will not automatically renew when your current billing cycle ends. You can learn more about managing subscriptions in the licensing section of the User’s manual.

  • CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 is a SaaS (software as a service) solution that comes with all its features and benefits out of the box. You get access to all new features, add-ins, and updates as soon as we release them. You will also receive full technical support by phone or email when you need it – 24 h from Monday to Friday, across all time zones.

    We are committed to deliver the best customer experience on the market to every customer. We will never charge any hidden additional fees for our services. Also, no additional notice is required if you decide to cancel your subscription (either monthly or yearly) at any time – the subscription expires at the end of your current billing cycle, and you will not be charged beyond the period of your subscription or with any type of penalty. And if you believe that there’s any catch to either the product’s subscription or our Terms and Privacy Policy, be sure to tell this to our CEO.

  • You can pay for the software only by using a credit/debit card. Credit/debit card payments are handled by Braintree (a PayPal service). Submitting your credit card information on CodeTwo's website is safe as our order system uses only TLS encrypted and verified connections to process your payment. CodeTwo does not store your credit card information in any form. CodeTwo is PCI compliant.

    Once you provide your billing information and complete the order wizard (as described in the How to buy section above), your CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 subscription will automatically activate. Keep in mind that only the Admin Panel Owner can change your organization’s billing information. Learn more about admin roles in CodeTwo Admin Panel

    CodeTwo is PCI compliant

  • Technical support is included in the price of the subscription. Technical support entitles you to the following benefits:

    • Full access to our online knowledge base.
    • 24/5 access to our Customer Success team (awarded by Microsoft) by email and phone.
    • 24-hour response time guarantee. Our technicians will answer all questions concerning our products and will assist in addressing potential technical issues.
    • Assistance comprehensively provided by the same specialist (unless he/she is out of office).
  • CodeTwo offers discount prices to:

    • healthcare, educational, and non-profit organizations,
    • government bodies, institutions, and organizations,
    • resellers who are active in our Partner program,
    • CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro users*.

    * You will be also able to easily migrate all your on-premises signatures, signature adding rules and automatic replies to the new environment. Learn more

    We also offer volume discounts – the more licenses you order, the less you pay per user!

    Contact us to check your discount!

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