11 professional out of office text examples

Have you ever wondered what to write in your out of office messages? You have come to the right place! Sometimes it is just difficult to think of a perfect text for your out of office, right off the bat. That is why we thought it would be nice to share some good out of office examples and inspirations. Below you will find sample messages for any occasion. But first, let’s look at the basic information you should always (conditions apply!) have in your out of office message and which you should avoid.

Out of Office examples

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New geo location – Wild Wild West

Our fast-growing customer base calls for continuous expansion of our datacenters. That is why we have decided to make a new geo location available for all users.

Wild Wild West Datacenter C2

Although all our geo locations are completely secure, we have taken some special measures to ensure the protection of this datacenter. We have hired Clint Westwood along with his team of highly-qualified security officers. They are patrolling the premises 24/7, ensuring that nobody messes with the mail-flow.

Unfortunately, we will not add the new Wild Wild West geo location to the map, as its exact location needs to remain confidential.

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Loading Easter…

As we are slowly approaching Easter Holidays, we would like to remind you that we are closed on Easter Monday (April 2nd, 2018). We wish you all a peaceful and relaxing time spent with the ones you love and, of course, a successful egg hunting! Happy Easter from CodeTwo!

Loading Easter 2018

HTML snippets and email tracking parameters in your
Office 365 signatures

We are happy to let you know that CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 has gained new features. Now it allows you to easily insert HTML snippets into email signatures and add email tracking parameters to hyperlinks.

Insert HTML snippet to your Office 365 signature

You may need to use an HTML snippet code from a different source or application e.g. to insert one-click CSAT surveys to your signatures. Now, with the new feature added to the signature editor, HTML snippets can be easily managed. This means that you do not need to open the HTML source code view of an Office 365 signature to insert the snippet. Thanks to the Insert HTML snippet button, it is now super-easy to add the snippet exactly where the cursor is placed in the signature.

Insert HTML snippet to your Office 365 signatures

This functionality is helpful when integrating with Customer Thermometer, CrewHu or Hively.

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Office 365 signatures’

13 Microsoft Azure experts and resources to follow

Microsoft Azure is one of the most advanced and the most popular cloud computing services. To keep up to date with recent changes or learn how to perform all the magic MS Azure was made for, it is worth to know where to look for high-quality content. We have prepared a list of some interesting and valuable Microsoft Azure Experts and resources to follow if you want to know what’s new in the Microsoft’s Cloud and generally, “how to Azure.”

Popular Microsoft Azure Experts and resources

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Measure customer satisfaction in email with CodeTwo and Hively

CodeTwo email signature management tools let you measure the satisfaction level of your customers. Thanks to an easy integration with one-click survey services, each email you send to your customers can be used to gather feedback in just one second. The statistics can be used to acknowledge the best members of your customer service team and to increase the overall satisfaction of your customers even further. To offer you more options to choose from, we have teamed up with Hively – a one-click survey provider.

CodeTwo and Hively integration customer satisfaction

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Why partner with CodeTwo?

More than 62,000 companies all over the world use CodeTwo solutions. These numbers reflect the trust we have gained over the past 10 years. Our experience gathered through all these years manifests in delivering high-quality, secure and intuitive software used by organizations of all sizes and from all industries. So if you are ready to go hand in hand with CodeTwo to continue the success story, we will be happy to partner with you!

Why Partner with CodeTwo?

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