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Conditional placeholders

CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 features multi-value conditional placeholders that can add different types of information, like text, images, animations (gifs) and HTML code, to email signatures. Conditional placeholders can be used to:

  • Create a modular signature with dynamic parts that change based on sender’s details such as job title and department.
  • Insert generic information when certain Entra ID (Azure AD) data is missing (e.g. company’s phone number instead of sender-specific phone number).
  • Add an avatar if a Microsoft 365 user’s photo cannot be found.
  • Add marketing banners in different languages, depending on senders’ Country attribute.
  • Include additional elements in an email signature for specific users or teams (digital badges, additional contact details, one-click customer satisfaction surveys, and more).

You can combine conditional placeholders with Entra ID (Active Directory) placeholders in your signature templates to automate & personalize email signatures.

Conditional placeholders

Conditional placeholders are created in the built-in signature template editor. They are based on user-defined rules. Each rule has a condition (built using senders’ Entra ID data) and a value. When an email is sent, the program checks all rules and replaces the placeholder with the value specified in the first rule whose conditions are met. If none of the rules apply, the default placeholder value is used.

For example, you can create a conditional placeholder which is replaced with a banner in the following way: if an email is sent by a user that belongs to the Marketing team, an additional banner is placed within a signature (according to a rule specified in the related conditional placeholder). If an email is sent from any user outside Marketing, the signature will not contain that banner (the default placeholder value is left empty).

Each conditional placeholder can consist of a virtually unlimited number of rules. That way, the same placeholder can be used to add a different banner to emails sent by the Sales, Support, Finance, or any other department in your organization.

There is no limit to the possible applications for conditional placeholders. Learn more in the user’s manual