CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

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Centrally managed, server-sided email signatures for Exchange Online
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World's only email signature solution with:
Server-sided signatures visible while composing emails,
Office 365 users' photos in signatures &
24-hour support
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Express deployment

How complicated can it be to deploy a powerful tool used to centrally create and manage email signatures and disclaimers for all your Office 365 users? In the case of CodeTwo Emails Signatures for Office 365 – not at all. What is more, it can even be as easy as logging in to your Office 365 tenant. Literally.

All that you need is an Office 365 user account with the global administrator role, as it has all the necessary permissions that are required to add personalized email signatures to all users. When that’s provided, launch CodeTwo Admin Panel, a web-based component of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365, log in via your Microsoft account (or create a new, dedicated account), and start by associating your Office 365 tenant with the program. The wizard will guide you effortlessly through all the steps necessary to:

  • automatically configure Exchange Online connectors, and specify users whose emails will be stamped with email signatures;
  • synchronize Azure Active Directory data with the program;
  • set up the SPF records to avoid your emails being treated as spam.

Express deployment

And that’s it. You can now proceed to run the Manage Signatures App to create your first signature rule and design your own email signature (or use one of the provided templates).