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CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

Super-fast deployment

How complicated can it be to deploy a powerful tool used to centrally create and manage email signatures and disclaimers for all your Office 365 (Microsoft 365) users? In the case of CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 – not complicated at all. In fact, it can even be as easy as logging in to your Office 365 tenant. Literally. Watch it step by step in our video tutorial below and read on if you need more details.

CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 comes with all-web experience, which means you can configure the program and manage all signature-related tasks on any platform and device (Windows, Mac, mobiles, tablets, and so on).

If you set up the program to work in the server-side signature mode, all that you need is launch CodeTwo Admin Panel, sign in via your Microsoft account with the global admin role and start by associating your Office 365 tenant with the program. The wizard will guide you effortlessly through all the steps necessary to:

  • automatically configure Exchange Online connectors, and specify users whose emails will be stamped with signatures;
  • set up SPF records to avoid situations when your emails are treated as spam.

Server-side deployment

Express deployment in server-side mode

With client-side signatures, the configuration is even simpler: after you register your tenant to our service, your work is done, and you do not need to use the wizard to configure mail flow and SPF records. You only need to deploy the modern CodeTwo Signatures Web Add-in for Outlook (co-engineered with Microsoft) directly from the Microsoft 365 admin center to those users in your organization who should be able to get CodeTwo email signatures in Outlook.

Client-side deployment

Express deployment in client-side mode

And that’s it. If necessary, you can easily assign tenant registration and management tasks to other admins. All that’s left is to delegate email signature management to appropriate teams or users (no need to assign any Office 365 admin rights). They will be able to create the first signature rule and design your company's global email signature (from scratch or using one of the provided templates).

Should you require any assistance while performing any of the above steps, even as you are using a trial version, we got you covered. CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 comes with the best technical support delivered by our award-winning Customer Success team.

If you have been using CodeTwo Exchange Rules or Exchange Rules Pro and you are now migrating to the cloud, you can speed up the deployment of organization-wide email signatures in your Office 365 tenant by using the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Converter. Our tool will automatically move all your existing signature adding and autoresponder rules, together with signature and auto-reply message templates, to CodeTwo Email Signatures 365. And if you first need to get your on-premises mailboxes to the cloud, be sure to check CodeTwo Office 365 Migration.

Instant signature updates

With our signature service, you can be sure email signatures in your organization are always up to date. When you make any changes to your CodeTwo email signatures (for example, apply a template to another team, add a new banner, or update your logo) and save them, these changes go live instantly.