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Centrally managed, server-sided email signatures for Exchange Online
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World's only email signature solution with:
Server-sided signatures visible while composing emails,
Office 365 users' photos in signatures &
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Built-in HTML editor

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 comes with an intuitive and convenient HTML editor that enables you to create professional signatures and disclaimers.

You don’t have to waste your energy on the HTML code itself as the Editor is equipped with all the necessary formatting tools. A couple of clicks is all you need to edit the layout of the signature, insert images, Office 365 users' photos, tables or change color sets and fonts.

The program’s editor can also automatically convert your HTML design into RTF and Plain Text formats.

Template Editor in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

Other features available in the program’s editor include:

  • Dynamic placeholders allowing for personalization of signature templates
  • Custom positioning, which enables you to place content beneath the latest reply (in an email conversation), at the very bottom or top, or at the sides
  • Setting the program to automatically sweep across a whole email conversation and remove all old signatures, and only add new ones under most recent messages.

The editor is designed to make the process of composing a signature as easy as possible, even for inexperienced users.