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View signatures while composing an email

When CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 works in the client-side mode, users can see their signatures directly in Outlook when they type emails. But what about signatures that are added in the cloud, after an email is sent? No problem – our email signature management solution for Office 365 (Microsoft 365) uses modern Outlook Web Add-in, developed in close collaboration with Microsoft, to let end-users preview server-side signatures while composing emails in Outlook, Outlook for Mac and OWA. This agentless solution (there’s nothing to install) makes CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 superior to competitive solutions, including the native Office 365 mail flow rules and other 3rd party apps.

By opening the add-in’s pane in Outlook or OWA (mobile clients will be supported soon) while composing an email, users can see how their signature changes in real time based on their actions. For example, if users add or remove recipients or add a keyword that is used in one of your organization’s signature rules, the add-in will immediately show corresponding signatures. The admin can quickly deploy the add-in centrally for all users via the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Note: There’s no need to install any local modules or COM add-ins on users’ workstations, as the add-in is entirely based on the new and secure agentless technology powered by Microsoft. As a result, CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 allows your end users to see server-side signatures with no risk of modifying or removing them from emails (which might always happen when using client-side solutions).

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