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Use email signatures for marketing and track the results

Email signatures can be used not just to inform a recipient about the sender’s contact details, but also to communicate information important from the business promotion perspective. This means that email signatures can serve as a powerful, easy to use and cost-effective medium of marketing communication with both prospects and existing customers.  

If, for some reason, you have never considered email signatures as a marketing instrument, use the calculator below to calculate the marketing opportunities your company misses every year. Ignoring this marketing medium seems to be unreasonable once you realize how many options it offers for your business promotion.

Calculate your marketing opportunities

Each week a single user sends over 200 emails. This number grows up to 10,000 emails per year. On average, each email message will be opened 2 times. These numbers prove emails to be a great promotion channel.

Use this calculator to find out how many marketing opportunities you lose without standardized and branded email signatures in place.

Number of employees in your company:

Missed marketing opportunities (yearly): 8,760

Each year your 100-employee organization sends 1,095,000 emails, which are opened 2,190,000 times. This gives you a great chance to increase your brand awareness and boost your marketing campaigns. Assuming that an average click rate is 0.4%, it gives 8,760 conversion chances to press into service.

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 allows your company to better exploit email signatures’ potential by running automated email signature marketing campaigns. Thanks to the built-in signature template editor, it is easy to add promotional banners, company logos or other marketing graphics and texts. This way your email signatures attract the attention of potential and current customers and help you increase brand awareness as well as easily spread marketing information. Read on Microsoft Customer Stories how CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 managed to do just that and more for Dyer & Butler. 

The program also provides you with all the necessary tools to create and run targeted marketing campaigns. Simply design various signature templates for all your marketing audiences and create rules in the program that automatically add appropriate email signatures to selected recipients. Or take advantage of client-side signature mode and let your users choose appropriate template every time they compose an email in Outlook.

Thanks to access rights to the Manage Signatures App, the Marketing Team can take full control over email signatures in the company. Once the admin assigns those permissions, chosen teams or users can freely design email signatures and schedule marketing campaigns. There is no need to contact IT to make any changes in the design.

Marketing banners in email signatures

Tag links and track marketing campaign results

As all graphics can be clickable (meaning they can link to web sources), it gives you a great possibility to track your email marketing campaigns to gather web analytics data on how they perform:

Track email signature campaigns

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 features an option to automatically add tracking parameters to your links. The program can tag URLs with the parameters used by the most popular web analytics tools like Google Analytics, Woopra, or Matomo (Piwik). By tagging your URLs, you know exactly how much of your web traffic comes from emails. Furthermore, you can monitor the performance of your banners. The statistical data can also help your Marketing Department analyze marketing campaigns and better plan future movements.