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One-click CSAT surveys

With CodeTwo Email Signatures 365, you can quickly and automatically add one-click surveys to your Microsoft 365 email signatures. Instead of discouraging your customers with long surveys, you provide a way to rate their experience with a single click. Customers are happy their opinion counts, while you get real-time reports and alerts.

One-click CSAT surveys in emails

Setting up one-click surveys is easy – create a one-click survey via one of the services listed below and add it to the signature added by CodeTwo Email Signatures 365. You can create separate Microsoft 365 signature rules or take advantage of conditional placeholders to add customer satisfaction surveys to emails sent by selected users or teams only. This will enable you to measure how your customers rate their experience. That is only the beginning of possible practical applications, other examples include:

  • Collecting valuable insights thanks to personalized landing pages
  • Contacting your satisfied clients to ask for testimonials
  • Accessing real-time reports on how your customer service is doing
  • Evaluating and rewarding your best-performing employees
  • Immediately finding out and resolving issues by reaching out to unsatisfied clients directly

One-click CSAT surveys in emails solutions

Our integrations

CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 can be easily integrated with the following one-click survey services:

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