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CodeTwo was founded in 2007 by Michal and Jarek Bednarz - two brothers who believe making software is something more than just "making software". Since establishing the company, CodeTwo's enterprise and freeware applications have been utilized by millions of people worldwide. Our flagship products have been critically acclaimed and, among others, received the highest ranks from such well known software portals like CNET or MSExchange.org. Our solutions were also mentioned by world’s largest press titles, e.g. The Guardian, Lifehacker, or Infoworld. We also received a Microsoft Partner logo, which guarantees our software is one of the best and the most reliable solutions on the market. In 9 years we have managed to become one of the most recognizable companies developing programs based on Microsoft Exchange Server, Office 365 and Microsoft Office Outlook platforms in the World.

Our primary goal is simple - to create software that is as easy to use and as intuitive as possible (learn more about our mission). What is more, our programs are able to do things other programs can't do that well, or can't do at all. Learn more on why you should choose our software...

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