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CodeTwo is a trusted software vendor and Microsoft Partner delivering Office 365 and Exchange solutions to over 67,000 businesses from 150 countries - with Shell, Facebook, US Coast Guard, and UNICEF on top of the list.

We are internationally recognized for our email signature management, data sync, migration and backup solutions, and we've been featured in Windows IT Pro, CNET, The Guardian, Lifehacker and Infoworld.

We've been developing our technology and applications for over 11 years. It is our top priority to deliver high quality, super-intuitive applications with the best support on the planet. This is why all development projects at CodeTwo are managed by senior developers and the founders of the company, and all our applications are supported by highly trained technicians who's been working with us and our technology for years.

We're based in Poland, Europe, and we all love pierogies (kielbasa not so much, due to the spread of vegetarianism)! Take a look at the pictures of our team - we might not look as good as Baywatch actors but we're damn good at what we do.

Check out our mission and learn more why it's worth to choose our software.

If you work in IT, you know that this line of work comes with a lot of challenges. As a tribute from one IT specialist to another, we present you with some videos which show an average IT hero facing reality. Watch IT Python videos.

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