CodeTwo Email Signatures
for Office 365

Centrally managed, server-sided email
signatures for Exchange Online

Signatures added according to sender’s properties

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 lets you smoothly configure rules that add email signatures to messages depending on senders’ memberships (group, department, OU, etc.) or Azure AD properties.

Email Signatures for Office 365 - AD attributes

The AD filter feature allows for creating email signature rules based on selected Active Directory attribute values. The way it works is that, whenever a message is sent by a user whose AD account matches the setting of the filter, a proper signature is added to it.

Thanks to the AD filter functionality, you can apply distinct signatures to emails sent by members of specific departments, offices, people living in specific cities, etc.

The application can insert email signatures based on the following user’s properties:

  • first or last name, initials, display name or description
  • basic contact details like phone, mobile, email, web page, etc.
  • location information e.g. city, country, state, street, postal code, etc.
  • organization unit like office, department or company
  • other Azure AD attributes

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