Email signatures
for marketing purposes

Email signatures for marketing purposes – don’t underestimate their potential!

An email signature is a powerful marketing instrument. Assuming that your employees send out hundreds, if not thousands, of emails a day, this should give you some food for thought. Don’t let your company lose these marketing opportunities!

Email signatures for marketing purposes.

Recognizing marketing potential of email signatures

Email signatures are low-cost marketing medium perfect for conveying a whole range of extra information your recipients may be interested in. Help your customers, partners or prospects find out more about your company.

Use email signatures to inform your recipient about:

  • current promotions or seasonal discounts
  • new products in your offer
  • some events you attend
  • company-details change or a merger
  • recent or prestigious awards your company gained

Or use them to:

To better understand potential of email signatures, look at the figures below:

Calculate your marketing opportunities

Each week a single user sends over 200 emails. This number grows up to 10,000 emails per year. On average, each email message will be opened 2 times. These numbers prove emails to be a great promotion channel.

Use this calculator to find out how many marketing opportunities you lose without standardized and branded email signatures in place.

Number of employees Number of employees in your company:

Missed opportunities Missed marketing opportunities (yearly): 8,760

Each year your 100-employee organization sends 1,095,000 emails, which are opened 2,190,000 times. This gives you a great chance to increase your brand awareness and boost your marketing campaigns. Assuming that an average click rate is 0.4%, it gives 8,760 conversion chances to press into service.

Don’t lose marketing opportunities offered by email signatures

When not including any marketing banners into your email signatures, you are:

  • ignoring a cost-effective marketing channel;
  • losing a chance to reach a large number of potential customers;
  • missing the opportunity to create and strengthen your brand awareness;
  • wasting a possibility to get traffic to your website or blog;
  • losing a chance to collect data about your campaign effectiveness;
  • and many more.

Marketing banners in email signatures managed via CodeTwo

Professional email signature marketing campaigns require professional-looking banners that nicely integrate with the whole signature. To design such signatures, use advanced signature management tools like CodeTwo email signature managers – powerful programs for Microsoft 365 (Office 365) and Exchange platforms.

With CodeTwo programs, you can:

Check out CodeTwo programs that will help you create and manage:

Email Signatures for Exchange Server

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