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11 thoughts on “Automatic email signatures added directly in mobile Outlook (Android & iOS)

  1. The signature has to be a default signature to be automatically added to the mail. Is there a way to choose between different signatures?

    • Hello Daniel,
      Due to the limitations of Outlook mobile apps, each user can only have one default Outlook (client-side) signature set up for new emails and one for replies/forwards. Natively, it is possible to set up only one email signature in Outlook mobile. For more details, see our manual and this KB article.

  2. With this setting enabled my signature does not format on my Android the same as it does through the client-side configuration.
    It drops the phone numbers and alignment is all over the place.

    While I would love to implenet this, I can’t switch this on as a result of these issues.

  3. Hi Stephen,

    I’m not sure this works when “quick” replying to an email. You need to expand the reply section (clicking the expand arrows on the top right corner) for the reply signature to be inserted. Other than that, works great.

  4. Hi. In reference to this statement “Note that it might take up to 4 hours for this change to take effect across all users.” how would I enable this feature for only some of the iOS users instead of all of them?Thanks.

    • Hi Stephen,
      You can specify users that will get automatic signatures in Outlook when deploying CodeTwo Outlook Web Add-in (as described in our manual). However, this applies to all versions of Outlook (desktop, mobile and OWA). In other words, it is not possible to enable the add-in in Outlook mobile for one group of users and the add-in in Outlook desktop & Outlook on the web to a different group. This is a native limitation of Exchange Online and there is no workaround for the time being.

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