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Centrally managed email signatures

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 allows admins to centrally create, deploy and manage email signatures and disclaimers for all users in their Microsoft 365 organization. In the video below, you can see how difficult this task can be if it is not centralized but handled by users themselves.

Deploying email signatures - video

The application operates in three different modes:

  • Server-side mode

    Works with all email clients and mobile devices. Signatures and disclaimers are added to Microsoft 365 emails after they are sent (but you can preview signatures while composing an email in Outlook, OWA and Outlook for Mac after deploying a dedicated web add-in). To get signatures, it is required to configure Exchange Online mail flow connectors to route all outgoing messages through the CodeTwo Email Azure Service (this can be done automatically by the program). No setup on the user’s side is required – administrators have total control over email signatures in their companies.

  • Client-side mode

    Works with Outlook desktop apps only (a new modern Web Add-in that integrates with OWA and desktop Outlook available now in Office Beta Channel – learn more). Signatures are added to emails as users compose their messages. Emails are not routed through CodeTwo services, so the configuration of Exchange Online mail flow connectors is not required. Client-side signatures can be inserted automatically to new emails and reply/forward messages, or Outlook users can choose a preferred signature template from the Outlook’s native signature menu. To access CodeTwo signatures, users need to sign in to the CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook.

  • Combo mode

    Works with all email clients and mobile devices. This mode combines the functionalities of both server-side and client-side modes. The way email signatures are added depends on the email client used. In the case of Outlook desktop app, signatures are added as users compose their messages. For other email clients, signatures are added after emails are sent. The configuration of Exchange Online mail flow connectors and installation of the CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook is required.

Centrally managed email signatures in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 is an email signature management service that comes with advanced personalization features. Microsoft 365 administrators and users with the right permissions can set up unified signature templates for other users and groups without engaging them in the process. By creating signature rules, you can specify when these templates should be added to emails, which users should have access to a given signature template in Outlook, and so on. These rules can be based on various conditions and exceptions. If you need to create a rule similar to an already existing one, you can clone it and make some quick tweaks here and there. Your email signature templates can contain dynamic fields that are automatically replaced with users' Azure AD attributes when emails are sent.

Other key features include:

  • all-web experience – create and manage email signatures via a web browser, from any platform (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.)
  • support for all mail clients and mobile devices
  • full control over the layout of the signature (including the capability to add side banners, headers, etc.)
  • delegate email signature and banner management to specific users or teams (for example, the Marketing team)
  • built-in signature template editor with predefined signature layouts
  • option to add Microsoft 365 users' photos to email signatures
  • placeholders based on sender’s and organization’s properties
  • fast and easy deployment & automatic migration of on-premises email signature rules
  • instant organization-wide updating of email signatures.

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