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CodeTwo Email Signatures for Microsoft 365 and Office 365

Create and manage email signatures, legal disclaimers, automatic replies and marketing campaigns for all users in your Microsoft 365 organization. CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 is a cloud service that works with all email apps and devices, including Windows, Mac, mobiles and tablets.

Centrally managed
email signatures

All email apps
and devices supported

World's best HTML
signature template editor

Logos, banners
and social media buttons

Entra ID (Azure AD)
and user photo support

Signatures in replies
and forwards

Graphics embedded
in email

Centrally managed email signatures

Manage email signatures & branding for your entire organization directly from a browser. More...

All email apps and devices supported

Automatically add signatures to emails sent from any email app or device. More...

World's best HTML signature template editor

Customize built-in templates or design signatures & disclaimers from scratch. No HTML skills needed. More...

Logos, banners and social media buttons

Create fully branded email signatures to boost sales. Add social icons for easy customer interaction. More...

Entra ID (Azure AD) and user photo support

User information, contact details and photos are automatically included and are always up to date. More...

Signatures in replies and forwards

Signatures are always where they should be in email conversations. No more stacking at the bottom. More...

Graphics embedded in email

All graphics can be embedded in emails. No more clicking Download Pictures in Outlook. More...

Email marketing & analytics

Schedule automatic email marketing campaigns & track the results in web analytics tools. More...

One-click customer satisfaction surveys

Gather feedback and analyze customer experience using email signatures. More...

Organization-wide automatic replies

Manage auto replies & out of office messages for all your users. More...

Top rated by users & experts

It's the highest rated signature software on the market, with an award-winning support team. More...

Advanced security and data protection

World’s only signature solution certified by Microsoft and developed in compliance with ISO 27001 & 27018. More...

Fast deployment & easy delegation of tasks

Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 & easy delegation of signature management rights to non-IT staff. More...

Cloud signatures visible as you type & in Sent Items

View signatures added in the cloud while composing an email in Outlook or in the Sent Items folder. More...

Email marketing
& analytics

One-click customer
satisfaction surveys

automatic replies

Top rated by users
& experts

Advanced security
and data protection

Fast deployment &
easy delegation of tasks

Cloud signatures visible as
you type & in Sent Items

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Manage organization-wide email signatures in Microsoft 365 with CodeTwo

With our cloud service, you don’t have to be an IT expert to quickly set up email signatures, legal disclaimers, automatic replies and email marketing campaigns for your entire organization.

Manage organization-wide email signatures in Microsoft 365 with CodeTwo

Centrally managed email signatures and automatic replies

Manage Microsoft 365 (Office 365) signatures and disclaimers from a web browser with our cloud-based software. Use a mode that best fits your organization: add signatures in the cloud (after emails are sent), directly in Outlook as users type, or both. Learn more…

Create company-wide auto replies, out of office messages & canned responses with links, graphics, personalized signatures and smart scheduling. CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 is the only signature solution that lets you centrally manage auto-reply messages. Learn more…

Complete control of Office 365 email signatures

Automate signatures and auto replies: add different signatures to internal and external messages, selected senders, recipients or language groups. Use Microsoft 365 user properties and attributes (like department or job title) or keywords in email body/subject to trigger specific signatures. CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 is the most powerful and scalable signature manager. Learn more…

Signatures added directly in Outlook when you compose an email

Give users more control of email signatures with Outlook (client-side) signature mode that adds signatures directly to Outlook as you type. This mode uses a CodeTwo Web Add-in that we co-engineered with Microsoft (world’s first email signature Web Add-in) and requires no end-user installation – it’s automatically deployed from the Microsoft 365 admin center. The add-in lets people in your organization choose which signature template to add when they compose emails in Outlook for Windows, Mac & OWA. It also adds signatures to mobile devices. CodeTwo Outlook signatures fully support S/MIME signed and encrypted messages. Learn more…

NEW: Signatures Web Add-in now works with Outlook for iOS and Android

All email clients and mobile devices supported

World’s best HTML signature template editor

The web HTML editor provides a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) experience and gives you market’s best flexibility to design a signature template in any layout that suits your needs. It also comes with dozens of professional, predesigned templates that you can adapt and go live with very quickly and easily. No HTML skills needed. Learn more…

Browsers icons

Worlds best HTML signature template editor

Logos, banners and social media buttons in signatures

Images, banners, social media buttons and other graphics are fully supported by our email signature software, and you can use them freely in your email signature templates. Not only this makes your emails look more professional, but also opens up new possibilities as far as email marketing is concerned. Learn more...

Social icons

Entra ID (Azure AD) support

Use placeholders to personalize email signatures with user contact details and company information from your Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory). Our software automatically caches Entra ID user attributes every 20 minutes (even 36x more often than competing solutions), making sure your signatures & auto replies are always up to date. You can easily manage all attributes centrally, add custom CodeTwo attributes, or allow end users to update their contact details on their own. Learn more...

Conditional placeholders can be used to create dynamic signatures (with parts that change based on an email sender), add custom email signature elements (text, images, and more) for specific users and groups, or insert generic information when users’ Entra ID (Azure AD) attributes are missing. Learn more...

Microsoft 365 user photos in signatures

With our Microsoft 365 signature manager, you can include Microsoft 365 users' photos as part of email signatures. Learn more...

Signatures in replies and forwards

Our advanced email signature positioning system adds email signatures to replies and forwards as you see fit – not only at the bottom of the entire email conversation. Learn more...

Graphics embedded in email

The program lets you embed graphical parts of your signature in email. This means that the recipient will always see a fully branded signature on every device, and without having to click “Download pictures”. No more red Xs and paperclip icons. Learn more...

Graphics embedded in email

One-click CSAT surveys

Automatically add personalized one-click customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys to your emails or email signatures. Analyze the collected customer feedback to gain insight into how your employees, teams or services perform and identify areas where you can improve. Learn more...

Use email signatures for marketing and track the results

Transform your emails into a powerful digital marketing tool. You can use URL tagging to track the results of your campaigns in web analytics platforms, e.g. in Google Analytics. Learn more...

CodeTwo One-click surveys – the easiest way to measure customer satisfaction

Organization-wide automatic replies

Create fully branded auto replies & out of office messages and manage them centrally for all users in your Microsoft 365 organization. Enhance them with links, company logo, marketing banners and personalized email signatures & schedule auto-reply messages to be sent automatically on a recurring basis or during specific time periods only. Learn more...

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Developed and supplied in accordance with ISO 27001 & 27018

CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 is developed in compliance with CodeTwo’s ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018 certification, and by following the privacy by design and privacy by default principles. This, and the fact that our cloud service is the first signature solution that successfully completed the Microsoft 365 Certification, ensures comprehensive information security and personal data protection at all times.
Learn more on our ISO Compliance Center...

Furthermore, our secure relay technology reroutes your emails through CodeTwo services hosted on Microsoft Azure that meets the same information security standards. Your emails never leave Microsoft datacenters during the process, and the operation is invisible to both the sender and the recipient.
Learn more…

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Stay compliant with legal regulations
Automated email signatures will help you stay compliant with various legal regulations and directives like GDPR, CASL, The Companies Regulations, Business and Professions Code, etc.
Learn more…

18 datacenters in multiple regions worldwide
Your data (i.e. settings and AD cache) can be kept in an Azure region of your choice with a guarantee it will not be transferred anywhere else. We do not store your emails or anything else.
Learn more…

Best support and customer experience

Our technicians have been working with CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 and the technology behind it for years and know them like the back of their hand. They also stay in close contact with all our software developers to provide the best service possible, available 24/5 via phone or email. The quick response time of our Customer Success team and exceptionally high customer satisfaction level (currently over 97%) contributed to our email signature software being awarded by Microsoft for exceptional customer experience & technical support. Learn more...

Best support and customer experience

The most secure email signature solution

Your emails are not stored or read by anyone. We are using several security mechanisms implemented at the core of our solution (including OAuth 2.0, TLS encryption, MFA) to safeguard your Microsoft 365 credentials and the entire mail processing flow – the entire process has been certified by Microsoft and is periodically reviewed & pen-tested by Microsoft’s security specialists. Our services are also integrated with our 4-layer security system and covered by 24/7 back-end support & monitoring to guarantee world’s best reliability and data security. CodeTwo also complies with GDPR, CCPA (& other U.S. state data privacy laws), HIPAA and PCI, and we are regularly audited.

Learn more

More features:

Super-fast deployment and instant updates

Super-fast deployment & instant updates

The deployment process is fully automated and based on wizards. Just authorize them with your Microsoft 365 global admin credentials and you’ll be ready to create your first email signature in no time. Any changes or updates you make to your signatures are published instantly. We provide full technical support, even during the trial period. Learn more…

Delegate signature managements rights

Delegation of signature management rights

Delegate email signature creation and management tasks to individual users or teams in your organization and relieve your admins from non-essential administrative tasks. No need to assign any Microsoft 365 admin roles. Learn more…

View signatures while composing an email

View cloud signatures while composing an email

We are the first vendor in the world who added preview functionality for cloud (server-side) signatures (added after an email is sent). Our users can see their email signature while typing an email in Outlook for Windows, Mac & OWA. Learn more…

Email signatures in Sent Items

Email signatures in Sent Items

Signatures added to emails in the cloud can be viewed by your users in their Sent Items folders, on every device. Our Sent Items Update feature can also help you ensure compliance with legal regulations and data retention requirements. Learn more…

Automate email marketing campaigns

Automate email marketing campaigns

Plan email marketing campaigns ahead by using the Scheduler. This way every email marketing campaign you scheduled in the application will run automatically when the right time comes. Learn more…

Different signatures in new and subsequent emails

Different signatures in new and subsequent emails

You can configure the program to add an advanced email signature (with full contact details, a company logo, and marketing banners) to new messages and a simple signature, with only basic contact information, to any other message you send in the same email conversation. Learn more…

Easy scheduling of meetings

Virtual meetings and meeting scheduling made easy

CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 lets you easily insert a link to a direct meeting/call (e.g. via Microsoft Teams) or a meeting scheduling service (such as Calendly) into your email. This can help you simplify contact with customers. Learn more…

Many ways to use

Signatures are just the beginning

Email signatures are more than just an email sign-off. They can improve your business communication, increase brand recognition, bring traffic to your website, and even be used as canned responses. Learn more…

16 years of experience

CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 is a cloud equivalent of our acclaimed email signature manager for on-premises Exchange Server, CodeTwo Exchange Rules. The experience and feedback we have gathered from over 120,000 organizations (including Fortune 500 companies) over the past 16 years drove the development process for the new tool. Learn more…

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2023 Marketing/PR Solution winner
Forbes Diamond Award
Software as as Service Finalist
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