Prior to activating CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, you have to install the trial version first. Once the trial is installed, you do not need to reinstall the program or use any other installer to activate the full version. Simply run the Licensing program on each Exchange server equipped with the Exchange Rules Pro Service and provide the License key you received after finalizing your purchase order (you can purchase the full version of the software on this page).

To activate CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro installed on your Exchange Server machine, you need to launch the Licensing program. You can do that from the Windows Start menu (Start > ProgramsCodeTwoExchange Rules Pro Licensing) or directly from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro Administration Panel (if it's installed on your server) by clicking the Help button on the toolbar and choosing Licensing (Fig. 1.).


The Licensing program requires the Exchange Rules Pro Service to be installed, that is why it's not available on the client (desktop) machines.

ER Pro - Licensing program
Fig. 1. Launching the CodeTwo Licensing program.

Either way, a window will display in which you can activate the program by entering your license key and clicking Activate over the Internet (Fig. 2.).

ER Pro 2.x - Activating the program.
Fig. 2. Entering a license key in the Licensing program.

After activation, the number of available licenses will be displayed in the License status field of the Licensing program (Fig. 3.).

ER Pro Licensing - program activated
Fig. 3. The License status field shows the number of available licenses.

Now your CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro can be used without the 30-day trial period limitations. It means the program will process messages without any time limits.

Manual activation

To activate CodeTwo software, you need to be connected to Internet. However, if you encounter any internet access issues, you can also activate your program via email. To do so, you need to open the Licensing program, click Activate manually and follow the steps in the Manual activation window (Fig. 4.). See our Knowledge Base article for guidelines.

ER Pro Licensing - manual activation
Fig. 4. Manual activation.

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