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Manual activation


You cannot activate CodeTwo software automatically over the Internet.

Fig. 1. An error message presented when automatic activation is not possible.


The software needs to be able to contact CodeTwo licensing servers over the Internet to activate the license automatically and instantly.

There are many reasons to which your installation of CodeTwo software might not be able to connect to our licensing server. Pinpointing the source of the problem can be tricky, as the connection to CodeTwo servers might be blocked in many ways (e.g. by port number, by target IP addresses, the software in whole can be disallowed network activity or licensing executable in particular may be blocked, etc.) and in different places (e.g. by Windows firewall or third-party software firewall on either this machine or on any server in your network, hardware firewall on one of the routers, antivirus, etc.).

If you are not able to find out what is stopping the licensing from connecting to CodeTwo please follow the manual activation procedure below:

  1. Open the licensing module, you will be presented with the Licensing window.

    If your licensing window looks differently than Fig. 2 see this article.

    Fig. 2. The licensing module window.

  2. Enter your license key.
  3. Hit the "Activate manually" button.
  4. Another window will be displayed. As per the field 1 description, send to CodeTwo data displayed in that field for manual registration in CodeTwo licensing system. Please make sure you put "manual activation" phrase in the subject line and that you send the message from a mailbox that you check on regular basis.

    Fig. 3. Manual activation window.

  5. CodeTwo Customer Support responds within 24 hours but the manual activation requests are usually answered much faster. If you do not get the response the next day please make sure you are checking the same mailbox you sent the activation request from and that email from CodeTwo was not moved to your spam folder. If this fails, contact CodeTwo Support.
  6. Once you receive the response from CodeTwo, copy the Activation code CodeTwo sent you and paste it into the appropriate field in Manual activation window (see step 3 in Fig. 3).
  7. You need to also enter the proper number of licenses (a.k.a. seats or CALs). Failing to do so will generate an error pop-up (Fig. 4). If you do not know the number of licenses, please either consult the licensing document you received along with the invoice or contact CodeTwo Support.

    Fig. 4. An error message reporting wrong number of seats for the given license key.

  8. Assuming all of above has been done correctly, a successful activation message will be displayed (Fig. 5).

    Fig. 5. Hurray! Activation was a success.

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