First start and initial configuration

Once the installation of the software is finished, CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro starts automatically. When the Administration Panel opens, it displays the Quick Tour slides (Fig. 1.) to help you learn about the main features of the program.

Quick Tour.
Fig. 1. Quick Tour.

At first startup, the Administration Panel automatically tries to connect to the Exchange Rules Pro Service.

Errors at startup

In certain multi-server and multi-domain environments with many instances of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, Administration Panels may not be able to connect to the Service correctly. In such cases, you might get the error shown in Fig. 2.

The Incorrect address or SOAP action error.
Fig. 2. The Incorrect address or SOAP action error.

This error might appear if the Administration Panel is installed on a machine from a subdomain and tries to connect to the Exchange Rules Pro Service hosted on a machine from the primary domain. To resolve this issue, you need to configure the Service connection manually. Click Configure in the error window (Fig. 2.). This opens the Connection tab of the program's settings. Select the Connect to Exchange Rules Service hosted on this Exchange Server radio button, provide the name or IP address of the server hosting the Exchange Rules Service (Fig. 3.), and click OK. Restart the Administration Panel and the connection should be established.

Manual configuration of the connection to Exchange Rules Pro Service.
Fig. 3. Manual configuration of the connection to Exchange Rules Pro Service.

If the connection with the Exchange Rules Pro Service is successful, the Administration Panel opens with the Notifications window (Fig. 4.).

Configuration of critical notifications.
Fig. 4. Configuration of critical notifications.

Here, you can specify who (a specific email address, AD user, or AD group) will receive important email notifications from CodeTwo. These notifications include:

  • information about the licenses used once they reach 95% of the purchased license pool,
  • information that the license limit has been reached,
  • information about the days left for the trial version to expire (such notification is sent 7, 3 and 1 days before the trial period expires),
  • information that your trial version soon expires or has already expired (you receive this notification on the day of the expiration, 3, 10 and 17 days after the trial period expires and, later, once a month).

You can also choose which particular mailbox will be used to send these notifications (the administrator's mailbox is selected by default).


You can change the notification settings anytime, via the Administration Panel's Help menu (Fig. 5.).

How to open the notification settings.
Fig. 5. How to open the notification settings.

Once you configure the notifications, you can start using the Administration Panel.


Directly after installation of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, every user who can access the Administration Panel can also manage all of the program's settings and rules. That is why we strongly recommend that your next step is to configure access rights to the software.

In environments where more than one Administration Panel is installed, any changes that you apply in one panel are instantly replicated to the rest of the panels. To see your changes in the other Administration Panels, these panels need to be restarted (in the case of modifications to rules) or their Settings window needs to be reopened (in the case of changes to program settings, such as message splitting).

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