First steps

First time using the program? CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is a versatile email signature and email flow manager for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 and 2016 that lets you unify the looks of business correspondence for all your users. Go to the section of your interest and click a link to learn about a specific topic regarding the program.

System requirements and licensing

Deployment and configuration

  • Installation process – learn how to install the software.
  • First start and initial configuration – read and feel at home when running the software for the first time.
  • Access Rights Management – learn how to assign roles to specific users to let them manage different aspects of the program, e.g. administrative features and rules, or rules only.
  • Sent Items Update – configure the software to let your users see their signatures/disclaimers in the Sent Items folder.
  • Hybrid environments – get general information on how to use the program to process emails in an Exchange hybrid environment (on-premises Exchange + Exchange Online).
  • Deployment on Server Core – learn how to deploy the software on the Server Core version of Windows Server.
  • Update or upgrade – learn about updating, upgrading and migrating the program, and how it affects the licensing.

If you would like to remove the software, consult this article.

Working with rules

  • Quick guide – see how to create email rules.
  • Rule management – learn how to manage all the rules for your organization.
  • Conditions & exceptions – discover how to define specific conditions and exceptions to trigger or not trigger your rules.
  • Actions – see what actions our software can perform on your messages.
  • Template editor – learn all about the editor that lets you compose signature, disclaimer & auto-reply templates to be added to your emails.
  • Template library – see how to manage the templates.
  • Examples of use – discover real-life examples of how our software can help you manage different aspects of your mail flow.

See also

  • Program's architecture – find out how CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro works, what are the main components, and more.

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