Remove keywords

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO enables removing defined keywords from messages. This feature is very useful, if for example the end user doesn't want to see the "Spam" word or the "Scanned for spam" string added to the message subject by the spam filtering software of the email recipient. 

How to configure this action

To activate this action for a given rule, click Add in the Actions tab and select Remove keywords from the menu (Fig. 1.).

Fig. 1. Choosing Remove keywords in the Actions tab.

The Remove keywords action action will appear in the List of actions while the right pane will show the action properties (Fig. 2.). 

Fig. 2. Properties pane of the Remove keywords action.

To add a new keyword, click +Add. In the dialog box that opens you can enter the keywords and instruct the program to look for them in a specified locations.


The program will not recognize keywords defined with $ (dollar) and ; (semicolon) characters. If, however, you want to use those to trigger the action of removing strings of those characters from emails, consider using Remove Sensitive Content action.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is capable of scanning the message's Subject, Body, or Body and Subject in search of the keywords. What is more, the search is performed case-insensitively. By selecting Remove white spaces you make sure the phrases removed from the subject or body will not leave any empty spaces (Fig. 3.). 

Fig. 3. Defining the keyword and its search location within the message.

All the defined keywords will appear in the properties pane (Fig. 4.).

Fig. 4. Keywords visible on the properties pane's list.

Once you configure the keywords and save the changes, the keywords will be automatically removed from the messages that meet the criteria defined in the Conditions.

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