How to force email format

To keep a specific format of messages in your organization (new emails, replies, forwarded emails), you can use the Force email format action and set a default email format which will remain unaffected by the format of incoming messages.

This feature will be mostly appreciated by users who send their emails from mobile devices as such messages are most often sent initially in the plain text format. Consequently, after the conversion, the final message will contain an HTML signature.


To configure the program to force the email format of all emails sent or received by your organization, you need to add a new rule in the following configuration:


Add a new rule to the list of rules using the Add button. Name your rule and describe it (Fig. 1.).

Fig. 1. Adding and describing a new rule.

Move to the Actions tab. Click Add and from the menu, choose the Force email format action. Next, in the action's properties pane, select the format you want your emails to be converted to (Fig. 2.). In the case of converting messages to the HTML format, you are also able to choose the font family and size.


Conversion from and to RTF is not supported. Also, setting email body's font face and size is possible only when email body is converted from Plaint Text to HTML. Currently, it is not possible to force email body's font properties for emails that are already in the HTML format.

Fig. 2. Adding the Force email format action.

Add a second action following the steps described above, but from the Actions menu choose Insert signature. Once the action appears on the list of actions, click Edit (Fig. 3.) to enter the Editor.

Fig. 3. Entering the Editor to design the signature template.

Design your signature (in the format you selected previously in the Force email format action) and save the template (Fig. 4.).

Preparing a signature template.
Fig. 4. Composing a signature template.

Next, save your rule in the Administration Panel using the Submit changes button (Fig. 5.).

Fig. 5. Saving the rule in the Administration Panel.

From now on, each email sent or received by users in your environment will have its format changed to the format selected in the Force email format action (in our example - HTML, as shown in Fig. 6.). 

Exchange Rules Pro - force email format example
Fig. 6. A message whose format was changed to HTML by the program.

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