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CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro has a feature that lets you automatically add recipients to selected messages that meet the requirements specified in Conditions. When delivered, the messages will show the email addresses of remaining recipients in the header of the message. 

This feature is useful for example when a manager requires a copy of each email sent outside the company. 

How to configure this action

To activate this action in a given rule, click Add in the Actions tab and select Add recipients from the menu (Fig. 1.).

The Add recipients action on the Actions tab.
Fig. 1. The Add recipients action on the Actions tab.

The Add recipients action will be visible on the List of actions while the right pane will show the action's properties (Fig. 2.).

Properties pane for the Add recipients action.
Fig. 2. Properties pane for the Add recipients action.

In the properties pane you can choose the following fields: To, Cc and Bcc. The recipients for all these fields can be selected by email addresses or by picking users from Active Directory. To remove a recipient from the list, mark the person and use the Exchange Rules Pro remove button 11px Remove button. 


If the rule is configured with no Conditions, the Add recipients action will apply to all messages.

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