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CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is designed to work in a wide variety of scenarios, including multi-server environments. That is why it is equipped with the Server Monitor tool that enables you to view all instances of the program in one place in order to track and manage their operation status and performance. To open the tool, click Server Monitor on the program's ribbon (Fig. 1.).

Fig. 1. Opening the Server Monitor.

The Server Monitor window is divided into the following three sections:

  • services and log files,
  • executed operations,
  • license status.


 Each line (row) corresponds to one particular server (equipped with the Exchange Rules Service) within an organization.

The first section shows information on the status of services including the Exchange Rules Service and the Sent Items Update service. The exact version number of these services is also displayed. You may Start or Stop the services and check their diagnostic files (separately for the Exchange Rules Service and the Sent Items Update) if there are any problems with their functioning (Fig. 2.).

Fig. 2. The services and log files section.

The second section shows some basic statistics concerning email processing, including the number of messages processedaverage message processing time and last email processing time (Fig. 3.).

Fig. 3. The email processing section.


Please note that processing of the first email always takes more time than for the messages that follow. That is why the average processing time will decrease as the number of messages processed by the program increases.

The last section shows the number of licenses currently used per server and helps you to avoid exceeding your license limit (Fig. 4.).

Fig. 4. License status.

This section also shows the current license status (retail version with the number of licenses taken from a license pack or trial version with the number of days left until it expires) and enables you to open the overview of assigned licenses by clicking the Check used licenses (ER Pro 2.x - licenses in use icon) button (Fig. 5.).

Exchange Rules - Licenses in use
Fig. 5. Overview of the licenses currently used.


Please note that at the bottom of the window there is a legend describing each available option (Fig. 6.).

Fig. 6. The Server Monitor's legend.

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