Modify subject

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO can be used to modify the subject of messages traveling through the Exchange Server. This feature can be useful, e.g. to tag external messages. When the subjects of messages are properly tagged, it is easier to browse and find the searched email. 

How to configure this action 

To use the action click Add in the Actions tab and select Modify subject from the menu (Fig. 1.).

Exchange Rules PRO - modify subject
Fig. 1. Choosing Modify subject in the Actions tab.

The Modify subject action will be visible in the List of actions while the right pane will show the action's properties (Fig. 2.). 

Fig. 2. Properties pane of the Modify subject action.

You can modify the subject by entering its name in the Subject template field or replace it with the Active Directory variables using the Insert placeholder context menu (Fig. 3.): 

Fig. 3. Replacing the subject with AD variables.

After configuring the action, the subject will be replaced in the sent mail add disclaimers to emails, that meet the criteria defined in Conditions.

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