Compress Attachments

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO enables automatic compression of attachments that are carried inside email messages. This is a useful feature if you want to attach the file to the message and its size is too large, especially when you do not want to store it on a public server. CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO will automatically compress attachment to reduce the file size and send the message. 

How to configure this action 

To activate this action, click Add in the Actions tab and select Compress attachments (Fig. 1.). 

Fig. 1. Choosing Compress Attachments in the Actions tab.

The Compress attachments action will appear in the List of actions while the right pane will show the action's properties (Fig. 2.). 

Fig. 2. Properties pane of the Compress Attachments action.

In the properties pane you can set the attachments' size limit by providing the digit in megabytes in the Compress attachments that are bigger than edit field (Fig. 3.). Thanks to this setting, you may decide about the attachment size that will trigger the action.

ER Pro 2.x - Defining the size of compression.
Fig. 3. Setting the attachment file size below which the program will not compress.

To define a file extension that will not be compressed by the program, click Add and provide the extension in the edit field (Fig. 4.). You can also remove the extensions by marking them and clicking the X Remove button. 

ER Pro 2.x - Adding new file extension.
Fig. 4. Adding new file extension to the list of excluded files.

After configuring the action, the attachments in messages that match the criteria defined in Conditions will be compressed into ZIP archive by CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO.

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