Importing/exporting settings and rules

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro allows you to import and export program's settings and rules (Fig. 1.). Additionally, you can convert settings from another of our products - CodeTwo Exchange Rules - and import them to the newest version of the software (CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2.x), or load sample rules to start working with the program straight after installation, without the need to create new rules.

Accessing the Import/Export settings.
Fig. 1. Accessing the Import/Export settings.

Currently, settings and rules are stored in a different file format than in the older software versions (e.g. CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 1.x), but the program allows you to import both the current and the older settings. The Import/Export button on the toolbar (Fig. 1.) allows you to:

  • Export settings - this option enables you to export all existing rules and program settings to a specified location. The exported file may be used as a backup or transferred to another instance of the program.
  • Import settings - this feature allows you to import rules/settings from CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro version 2.0 and later. You can also import settings from the following versions of CodeTwo Exchange Rules: 2019; 2016; 2013 2.x and later (deprecated); 2010 3.x and later (deprecated).
  • Import previous version settings - use this option to import settings/rules from version 1.x of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro or from the following versions of CodeTwo Exchange Rules: 2013 1.x (deprecated); 2010 2.x (deprecated) and earlier. A dedicated tool, the Settings Importer, will help you import previous rules and/or convert them to the formats supported by your current version of the program. For more information, read this article.


Note that importing rules to all Administration Panels within the same environment (where the panels are connected to the same service) is unnecessary and will cause duplication of rules. This happens because once settings are imported to one Administration Panel, they will instantly propagate to other panels thanks to the real-time replication. Templates from the template library are not propagated, but you can synchronize them manually.

  • Import sample rules - with this feature you can add predefined example rules to your Administration Panel (Fig. 2.). Sample rules are fully configured rules that can give you a better understanding of the program’s configuration capabilities. You can also modify these rules and use them as your own custom rules. Remember to enable the rule that you want to be active by checking the box next to it.

    A list of sample rules included in the program. The Sales email with attachments (Sample) rule is active.
    Fig. 2. A list of sample rules included in the program.
    The Sales email with attachments (Sample) rule is active.

    Note that sample rules are not loaded automatically when you install the program. You need to import them manually.


Each time you import any program settings, you have to restart the Administration Panel. Only then the imported settings will be visible in the program. This does not apply to the sample rules, which are visible immediately after loading.

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Using previous version's settings - this article describes how to convert settings from any previous version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family and import them to CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2.x.

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