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How to keep signature templates in sync across multiple Administration Panels


You work with one of CodeTwo Exchange Rules products and use multiple instances of the Administration Panel. You noticed that custom signature templates stored in the Template Library of one of the Administration Panels are not available for use from other Panels.


Apart from using built-in templates, the user can create custom templates by choosing the Save as template option in the Editor (Fig. 1.).

Fig. 1. Saving the signature to the Template Library.

Templates, unlike rules, are not synchronized between Administration Panels. To make them available in other instances of the Administration Panel, you need to manually copy template data from one Template Library to another (located on a different server). Follow these steps to do so:

  1. The Template Library data is stored in the following location on the local drive:

    %AppData%\CodeTwo Exchange Rules\Template Library
    Open this folder. Every subfolder in this location is named just like the template in the local Template Library. Select and copy all the folders (templates) that you would like to access from another Administration Panel (Fig. 2.).

Fig. 2. Copying template data.

  1. Transfer the files to another machine with the Administration Panel installed. Open this location:

    %AppData%\CodeTwo Exchange Rules\Template Library

    and paste all the folders copied in the previous step there.


Repeat this step on every machine where the Administration Panel is installed.

  1. The custom templates are now available in the Template Library of the Administration Panel installed on that machine.

Remember that if any changes are made to custom templates on any of the Administration Panels used in your organization, you will need to repeat the above procedure for all the instances. We recommend having as few Administration Panels as possible in your organization.

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