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CodeTwo Exchange Rules Software Development Kit (SDK) provides documentation, samples and libraries containing classes representing API (based on Windows Communication Foundation Service working over the HTTP protocol) of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro that let you develop and build service-orientated custom applications integrated with the program.


CodeTwo Exchange Rules SDK is available in a package separate from CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. If you would like to access it and its documentation, simply contact us using this convenient SDK request form.

The SDK can be used to build three different types of custom apps integrated with CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro:

  • web apps e.g. ASP.NET, Java EE;
  • desktop apps e.g. Windows Forms, WPF;
  • mobile apps e.g. Android/iOS using Xamarin.

No matter which type of custom application you want to build, you can implement the following features of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro in the app:

  • create and modify rules,
  • add actions to rules,
  • add conditions and exceptions to rules,
  • create and modify tenants,
  • modify the splitting of messages.

The diagram below shows how a created custom app cooperates with the Windows Service installation of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro using the provided API (Fig. 1.):

ER Pro 2.x - Scheme of communication: CA - Pro.
Fig. 1. Scheme of communication between a custom app and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro.


CodeTwo Exchange Rules SDK is compatible with CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro version 2.0.12 onward. Therefore, it cannot be used to build custom applications integrated with the program prior to this version.

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