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Office 365 offline backup

  • Backup jobs: Configure mailbox and/or public folders backup jobs that meet your requirements. Define certain backup criteria and let your backup jobs run automatically in the background.
  • Continuous incremental backup: Once the full backup is created the program keeps scanning the mailboxes in cycles. The incremental backup saves only new and changed items when found.
  • Local storage or backup in the cloud: Install the program on a local PC to store your Office 365 backup copies on your hard drive or deploy the program on a virtual machine hosted in the cloud to keep your backup online. Decide for yourself, which option is more accessible and safe for you.
  • Offline storage: Your Office 365 backup copies are stored locally on your hard drives. Thanks to this model they are always accessible and safe.
  • Item versioning: All mailbox items are stored in versions. The program creates new item versions whenever a modification of an element is found in a backup cycle.
  • Granular restore feature: Restore entire mailboxes, folders or particular items. Recover specific item versions.
  • Data selection and filters: Narrow down the scope of backup. Backup selected mailboxes. Filter items according to age. Exclude special folders.
  • Archiving storages and exporting to PST: Secure your backups by setting up daily, weekly or monthly archiving jobs and exports to PST files.
  • Retention policies: Control the amount of disk space taken up by your backups and archives by configuring retention policies that automatically purge old data.

Central and automatic

  • Automatic and fully customizable: Configure automatic Office 365 backups using multiple criteria and save them directly to local drives.
  • Centrally managed: Control all backups from one spot in your organization. Relieve users from making backups on their own.
  • Graphical interface: All features accessible directly via the program's Administration Panel. No standalone Outlook installations or PowerShell required.
  • Available anywhere: Install the program on a virtual machine instance in the cloud and manage your backup process from any place with Internet connection.

Granular backup and recovery

  • All item types: Support for all types of folders. Backup of contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journal, etc. not only email.
  • Full mailbox and public folders backup: Automatically back up all contents of users' mailboxes and public folders, including old data.
  • Brick-level: Narrow down the scope of data the program should back up. Perform granular recoveries by quickly finding and bringing back single folders, items and even attachments.
  • Search, preview and recovery: Browsing your backup database is a breeze thanks to a set of handy search tools combined with real-time indexing of backed up items.

Bottom line

  • Not all eggs in one basket: Store your data in more than one place to facilitate disaster recovery and enable access to data during lack of connectivity with Office 365.
  • Protection from malicious or accidental activity: Reverse malicious deletions and accidental corruptions of Office 365 data by restoring healthy snapshots.
  • Don't pay for inactive Office 365 users: Instead of continuing to pay for unused Office 365 licenses, archive data from mailboxes they were tied with, and transfer the licenses to new users.
  • Archive obsolete data locally: Why take up your Office 365 space with items that do not need to be immediately available? Back them up on a local drive, where they can be easily found, previewed and restored if necessary.
  • Ensure legal compliance: Owing to the software you can finally meet both legal and internal requirements regarding electronic record retention. Learn more...
  • Zero impact on end-users: The backup process is invisible to end-users. Availability of mailboxes and their contents remains unaffected.