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Back up Office 365 (Microsoft 365) public folders

Keep your Office 365 public folders data safe with CodeTwo Backup for Office 365. Our backup software can automatically back up public folders hosted in Exchange Online and restore the backed-up data when needed.

Backup O365 - feature - Public folders

Keep the copies of your public folders data up-to-date by running continuous incremental backups. Make sure that no important data will ever be lost due to accidental or malicious deletion or corruption.

Take advantage of what CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 has to offer and:

  • create backup copies of the entire public folders data or select only certain subfolders;
  • browse through and view all backed-up files;
  • restore individual folders or items to the original location or even to another Office 365 tenant; create new folders directly in the program if necessary;
  • implement a data retention policy and archive specific public folders data based on its age.

CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 also supports modern authentication (OAuth 2.0) to make sure your public folders backups are handled securely and managed by authorized persons only.

Start backing up your public folders as well as other Exchange Online data right away by installing the 30-day trial version of CodeTwo Backup for Office 365.

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