CodeTwo Backup for Office 365

CodeTwo Backup for Office 365

Offline mailbox backup & restore solution for Office 365


The product license key is sold in an annual subscription model (pre-paid). The price is calculated based on the number of mailboxes and/or the size of public folders on the source server you want to back up (see the table below). Technical support and all program updates are included in the subscription price.

New license / renew license (annual subscription)

To calculate your price, please enter the number of mailboxes below:

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Number of mailboxes:

Price per mailbox:

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Total price:

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Prices depend on a number of mailboxes and the size of public folders* data on the source server selected for backup. You do not need to select all mailboxes or all Public Folders data for back up. See the table below:

Show prices in:
Mailboxes in total Annual price per mailbox
10 - 200 $ 10
201 - 500 $ 9
501 - 1000 $ 8
Above 1000 Request a quotation

* Public folders are licensed based on the size they occupy on the server. Each 0.5 GB of data consumes 1 license. Only the size of the folders selected to back up is counted. E.g. if you want to back up 3 folders the size of which on the server is 1400 MB, you will use 3 licenses no matter how much data will be downloaded in consecutive backup cycles. You can release the licenses used by public folders 30 days after they have been assigned.

To find out more about your annual subscription cost, please go to the first two steps of the order form or request a quotation.

Additional licenses

The price for additional licenses is calculated based on the same price ranges as for new licenses. However, when adding licenses, your original subscription period remains unchanged. In this case, the price for the additional licenses will be reduced according to the used period of the first subscription. 

Please use the first two steps of the order form, or request a quotation to calculate your additional licenses cost.

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