Licensing of CodeTwo Backup is based on the annual subscription model, and the licenses are assigned per source mailbox included in the backup job. It means that a single license is assigned to each backed up mailbox and is valid for 12 months since receiving the payment for the purchased program subscription. After the 12 months period is over, you need to renew the license to continue creating backups. Licenses are sold in license packs that encompass multiple mailboxes.

When it comes to public folders, one license is used for every started 0.5GB (512MB) of data. However, items versioning does not use extra licenses for space taken by subsequent versions of the same item unless the item size grows over its original size. In that case, its new, bigger size is counted.

More information on licensing model can be found below.

To display the licensing information, please switch view to the Dashboard and click the Licensing link. The following window will appear, containing all necessary details and help (Fig. 1):

Backup - licensing info
Fig. 1. Licensing information window.

How can I get the license key?

To get the license key, you need to place the order on our website. If you are planning to back up Office 365 mailboxes, check the pricing first or go directly to the order form. If you are planning to back up mailboxes for on-premises Exchange Server, check the pricing or place your order straightaway.

How do I activate the program?

Once your order is completed, you will receive a license key that will upgrade the program from the trial version to the full version. To activate CodeTwo Backup, go to Licensing window, click Activate, then paste your key in the field provided and finally choose Activate over the Internet.

How can I check the number of available licenses?

You can check the number of available licenses in the Licensing information window. You can also view the licenses status in Licensing program on in the log files in this default location: C:\ProgramData\CodeTwo Backup\Logs\Engine (note that the location of log files depends on the path of the program's installation chosen while running the setup).

Do I have to renew the license annually?

Yes. As the licensing is built around the Software as a service (SaaS) model, it is based on an annual subscription that is valid for 12 months since activating the program. After the 12 months period is over, the program allows only to restore the previously backed up mailboxes. Therefore, you will neither be able to continue running existing nor to create any new backups until renewing the license.

What happens if I do not renew the license after 12 months since the activation?

Once the annual subscription expires, all jobs are stopped, and you will be able only to restore items included in the backed up mailboxes. Moreover, you will not be able to create or start any backup jobs until renewing the license.

How many licenses do I need?

You need to purchase a license pack that covers all mailboxes from your organization you want to create backups for and also one license per 0.5GB of data in public folders, if you decide to back up public folders, as well.


Starting version 1.5, used CALs are calculated based on unique Exchange mailbox identifier (GUID), and are listed in licensing window (see Fig. 1.) using backed up mailboxes' primary SMTP addresses.

In version 1.4 and older this was done based solely on primary SMTP addresses.


Please note that the licenses are assigned to mailboxes included in backups. You can, however, restore the content of a particular mailbox to an unlimited number of target mailboxes.

Check the current pricing for backing up mailboxes for Office 365 and on-premises Exchange.

After one year, my license expired, so I bought a subscription renewal. Do I have to reinstall the program or use any other installer to activate it?

No. After you purchase a subscription renewal, you can use the same instance of CodeTwo Backup to activate it. You will also be able to use the same license key you received from your first order (it will be visible in the licensing program). In such a case, open the Licensing window, click Activate, and after renewing the subscription, choose Activate over the Internet.

How can I extend my license key to backup mailboxes for additional users?

If the number of licenses is insufficient to backup mailboxes of all your users, you can purchase an extension pack at any time. After you buy the extension pack, additional licenses will be assigned to your existing license key (the same license key you received with your first order). It means that you need to activate your product with the same license key again (it will be visible in the licensing program) to make use of new licenses. In such a case, open the Licensing window, click Activate, and after extending your license, choose Activate over the Internet.

To buy additional licenses, please go to this site.

My yearly subscription has expired. Is it possible to renew it for less number of mailboxes in comparison to my previous order?

Yes. You can renew the license for less number of mailboxes. Place your order and activate the program using the same license key (it will be visible in the licensing program). From this moment, your license will enable creating backups for the number of mailboxes covered by your downgraded license.

If your jobs cover more mailboxes than you own a license for, providing you restarted the software right after activating with the new license, the software will reassign licenses to mailboxes in the alphabetical order. It is probably a good idea to review a list of mailboxes in your jobs before reactivating the software with a new license key.

I want to reassign licenses to different mailboxes, is it possible?

Starting version 1.6 it is possible to reassign licenses from the main licensing window. However, this can be done only after at least 30 days since the original license assignment. Please note that you will not be able to restore a mailbox or a public folder if you release the license assigned to that mailbox or folder.

You should also remember that releasing a license from a mailbox or a public folder does not automatically remove them from any related backup jobs. If you release a license from a mailbox and start a backup job where that mailbox is still configured, the licensing module will assign it with the license again. That is why it is recommended that you review your backup jobs first, remove old mailboxes or public folder from there, and release a license.

When releasing licenses of mailboxes you need to select mailboxes manually, one by one. When it comes to public folders, clicking the Release licenses button will automatically free up the licenses of all folders that were backed up at least 30 days before.

Release licenses feature.
Fig. 2. Release licenses feature.

What happens after the 30-day trial period is over?

Once the trial version of CodeTwo Backup expires after 30 days, the program stops working, and you are neither able to create backups nor restore them. If you want to continue working with the program, purchase the license key and activate it.

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