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CodeTwo Backup creates backups of your Exchange data (mailboxes and public folders) as well as SharePoint data (site collections, team sites, and OneDrive for Business) by running backup jobs. The backed-up data is kept in storages. Each job can back up one type of data (Exchange or SharePoint), from one type of environment (on-premises or Office 365); however, you can run multiple jobs at the same time. Backup jobs use server connections configured in the program to connect to a specific environment. 

Follow the links below for more detailed information about:

  • Creating Exchange backup jobs, which are used to back up:
    • user mailboxes (including archived mailboxes)
    • shared mailboxes
    • resource mailboxes (room and equipment)
    • Office 365 group mailboxes (Exchange Online only)
    • SharePoint site mailboxes (on-premises Exchange server only)
    • public folders 
  • Creating SharePoint backup jobs, which are used to back up:
    • SharePoint team sites (from SharePoint Online only)
    • classic SharePoint sites and site collections
    • OneDrive for Business data
  • Scheduling backup jobs, a feature that allows you to automate the entire backup process
  • Configuring server connections that allow the program to connect to your Exchange or SharePoint environment 
  • Creating and managing storages in which your backed-up data will be kept

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