How to reinstall the program or move it to a different machine

Sometimes you may need to reinstall the program or even move it to a different computer. Keep reading to learn how to do that.


Reinstallation of the software is rarely required. However, it may happen that it will be recommended by CodeTwo Support, for example when you accidentally remove some of the installation files or Windows Update or some third-party software damages the Windows registry, shortcuts, configuration files, or your hard drive gets corrupted, etc.

How to reinstall the program

To reinstall CodeTwo Backup, you can simply download the program and install on top of the existing installation. Make sure to close the Administration Panel first.

However, in troubleshooting scenarios, it is recommended to reinstall the software following the short list of steps below. This is to make sure that all old installation files are removed before the new ones are copied.

  1. Uninstall the software from the Windows Control Panel first.
  2. Run the installer executable and install the software anew.
  3. Activate the software with your license key.

All CodeTwo software is designed in such a way that reinstalling does not remove any configuration files or databases. So by following the steps above, all settings will be retained.


In the case you wish to reinstall the software completely, including deleting all settings files, you need to remove the software completely first and install it from scratch later on. Be aware, such an operation may result in an unforeseen data loss. We strongly recommend consulting with CodeTwo Support before rushing into this decision.

Move installed program to a different machine

CodeTwo Backup is not designed to be moved to another computer once installed and configured, but it is still possible to do so. See our Knowledge Base article on that topic for more information.

Keep in mind that CodeTwo Backup can be installed on multiple machines without consuming any additional licenses.

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