If you have installed the trial version of CodeTwo Backup, you do not need to reinstall the program or use any other installer to activate it to the full version. Simply use the product license key that you have received after finalizing your order. See detailed instructions below.


Before activating the program, make sure that all the backup jobs are stopped. Otherwise, the licenses will be assigned automatically (as soon as these jobs are started) to source mailboxes, public folders, and SharePoint data that have been included in the backup jobs created in the trial version. Stopping the jobs will let you verify if the previously selected data is the one that you want to license.

Make also sure that the machine on which CodeTwo Backup is installed is connected to the Internet. You will not be able to activate the program without the internet connection.

Activating the program for the first time

You can activate the program working in the trial mode at any time, either before or after the trial period expires. To do so:

  1. Click the Licensing link (Fig. 1.) on the Dashboard tab, on the Help card, to open the Licensing window.

Backup activation Licensing link
Fig. 1. Opening the licensing window.

  1. Click the Activate button (Fig. 2.).

Backup activation Activate button
Fig. 2. Opening the Program activation window.

  1. Paste or type your license key and click Activate

Backup activating the program
Fig. 3. Activating CodeTwo Backup.

Once activated, the License type will change to Full in the Licensing window (Fig. 4.). The license key expiry date and the number of available and used licenses will be also shown there.

Backup activation full license
Fig. 4. Activated program.

You can now close the Licensing window. CodeTwo Backup will now work without the trial version limitations. It means that you can back up all the mailbox items, public folders, and SharePoint data for 12 months from the activation date.

Activating the program after upgrading it from version 1.x

Once you upgrade CodeTwo Backup to version 2.x, you don't need to activate the program again. Your version 1.x license key will work in version 2.x of the program. However, keep in mind that once you renew your version 1.x license key or purchase additional licenses, the changes made to this license key will only be visible in version 2.x of CodeTwo Backup.

In case you were using 1.x trial version of CodeTwo Backup and you didn't activate it yet, once you upgrade to version 2.x of the program you will have to activate it. Follow these steps to do so.

Learn more about upgrading CodeTwo Backup to version 2.x 

Activating the program after renewing the product license key or purchasing additional licenses

Once you renew the license key for another 12 months or purchase additional licenses, you don't need to re-activate the program. All changes made to your license key will be visible within 1 hour in the Licensing window (see Fig. 4. above). However, to speed up the renewal process, you can re-activate the license manually by following these steps

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