Managing existing storages

Each storage created in the program can be managed from the Storages tab in the Administration Panel. You can:

Adding an existing storage

To add an existing storage, for example a storage that was previously removed from the program, click the Add existing button in the top menu bar (Fig. 1.). A folder picker window will appear. Find your storage folder, select it and click OK.

Adding an existing backup storage to CodeTwo Backup.
Fig. 1. Adding an existing storage to the program.

Editing an existing storage

To edit an existing storage, click Edit (Fig. 2.). If a chosen storage is password-protected, enter the password and click OK (Fig. 2.). This will open the storage configuration wizard.

Unlocking a password-protected backup storage in CodeTwo Backup
Fig. 2. You need to enter a password to be able to edit a password-protected storage.

Removing a storage

To remove a storage from the program, select it on the storage list and click Remove (Fig. 3.). Note that this action only unmounts the storage from the program. It does not remove the storage from its location. The storage can be added back again at any point via the Add existing button, as described above. If you want to remove the storage from your local resources, you need to delete it manually.

Backup Storage remove storage
Fig. 3. Removing a backup storage from the program.

You can only remove a storage if it is not used by any job. Otherwise, when you try to delete a storage, a dialog box will appear with a list of all the jobs that use this storage.

If you manually move or delete the storage folder from your local resources without removing it from the program beforehand, both the job using this storage folder and the storage itself will show errors.

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