Understanding CodeTwo Backup

This section contains conceptual descriptions of all features of the program. If you want to know how to configure each feature, go to the How to section.

Click on the links to learn about:

  • Program's components - information about the two main components of the program that are responsible for creating and restoring backups.
  • Backup model - read this article to learn more about the program's backup model, item versioning, data encryption, etc.
  • Server connections - here, server connectivity and multi-server operation are described in regard to the two supported server types: on-premises Exchange Server and Office 365. You will also learn about the speed of the backup process.
  • Storages - this article describes target locations where backups of mailboxes are saved and from where the backed up content is restored.
  • Data restoring - learn more about the algorithm restoring backups and available options for controlling the scope of data to be restored.
  • Data archiving - this article describes various ways of archiving storage data and importing it back to original destination.
  • Data retention policy - here you can learn more about data retention policy - what it is and how it works.
  • Scheduler and activity periods - information about the activity time in which the backups are created or restored and about running backups within scheduled time frames.

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