Moving installation of CodeTwo Backup to another machine


You need to move CodeTwo Backup installation to a different machine and want to keep your old data, settings, etc.


The CodeTwo Backup installation (either for Exchange or for Office 365) is not designed to be moved between different machines and you must not copy any data from the old installation. So, it is not possible to keep software settings when moving it to a different machine but it is possible to keep backed up data. You may archive existing storages and then import them on the new machine. Follow the steps below to move your CodeTwo Backup installation to a new machine:

  1. Contact CodeTwo Support to discuss licensing options
    Please be aware that activation of your product causes binding your license key to a particular machine. If you are going to change location of the installation, please contact us in order to reset your key, so you may use it on another device.
  2. Install CodeTwo Backup on another machine
    Perform a standard installation on the new machine, without copying anything from the previous one.
  3. Archive existing storages
    Go to your old machine and open CodeTwo Backup. Navigate to Storages tab and archive every storage that is required to be moved to the new machine. 
  4. Import storages to new installation
    Copy all archived storages from old machine. After that, open CodeTwo Backup and navigate to Storages tab. Use the Import option to mount all previously copied archives.
  5. Reconfigure the software
    Manually configure all connections and jobs from scratch, by referring to old installation.
  6. Remove old installation
    Last but not least, uninstall CodeTwo Backup from the old machine.

If you have any storages on a virtual machine and you have restored a snapshot on such a machine, you must not use existing storages for further backups. Long story short, you may restore items from them, but saving new data will result in storage corruption.