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Moving installation of CodeTwo Backup to another machine


You need to move CodeTwo Backup installation to a different machine, and you want to keep your old data, settings, etc.


The CodeTwo Backup installation is not designed to be moved between different machines. Because of that, it is not possible to keep the software settings when moving the program to a different machine. However, starting version 2.2.x, CodeTwo Backup can be installed on multiple machines and share the information about license usage between all instances of the program. Thanks to that, it is possible to move the backed-up data to another machine by using the built-in archiving feature.

Older versions of CodeTwo Backup

The archiving of SharePoint and OneDrive for Business data is supported starting version 2.1.x of CodeTwo Backup. If you want to move that type of data, you need to update the program first.

If you are using CodeTwo Backup version 1.x, refer to this section.

Archiving the existing storage and importing it into another instance of the program

  1. In CodeTwo Backup Administration Panel, go to the Storages tab, and archive all storages (or only Exchange/SharePoint data) that you want to move (Fig. 1.).

Fig. 1. Archiving an existing storage.

  1. Once the archive job is finished, navigate to the folder with the archived storage. You need to copy the whole folder (Fig. 2.), not only its contents, to another machine.

Fig. 2. A folder with the archived storage data.

  1. Open the Administration Panel on another machine, go to the Storages tab and use the Import option (Fig. 3.).

Fig. 3. Importing an archive into another instance of CodeTwo Backup.

  1. Go through the import archive job wizard. In the Archive step of the wizard, point to the folder with your archives (Fig. 4.).

Fig. 4. Selecting the folder with storage archives.

Once finished, the wizard will create a new storage with the data moved from the other instance of CodeTwo Backup.

How to move your CodeTwo Backup 1.x installation to a new machine

If you are using the older version of CodeTwo Backup (prior to version 2.x), it is not possible to use the 1.x product license key on more than one instance of the program. We strongly recommend upgrading the program to version 2.2.x and following these steps.

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