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If you work with Office 365 (Microsoft 365), the data stored within Office 365 services such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business is one of the most valuable assets in your organization. Implementing strong and efficient data backup strategy and disaster recovery plans, especially in multi-tenant organizations, can be a challenging task – and a costly one as well. However, this is not the case with CodeTwo Backup for Office 365. With the support for multi-tenant and multi-storage scenarios, a single instance of the program is more than enough to manage all backup and restore operations for different Office 365 tenants in your organization.

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CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 allows for central management of all backup and recovery tasks. The multi-tenancy feature gives you the option to back up multiple Office 365 tenants. And for each tenant, you can use a single Office 365 user account to manage both Exchange backup jobs (used to back up Exchange Online mailboxes and public folders) as well as SharePoint backup jobs (that create backups of your SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business data). The program also lets you create separate jobs for each tenant and automate the backup process. If you prefer to use multiple instances of the program, e.g. to back up different Office 365 tenants to different machines, you can do so as well – all under a single license key.

In comparison to native Office 365 solutions, data recovery with CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 is easier, requires less effort and is not limited by retention time – you do not have to worry that your data will become unretrievable at some point in the future. You have total control of your data and you don’t have to contact Microsoft support whenever you want to restore any deleted items. The granular backup feature, in connection with a multi-repository architecture of the program, lets you organize the backed-up data any way you want. You can, for example, keep the data from each Office 365 tenant in a separate storage location. The data recovery process itself is fast and completely automated – simply use the search functionality to quickly find the item that needs to be restored, select the target location, and run the restore job. All this is done through a user-friendly graphical interface; no scripting whatsoever is required.

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